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You’ll be able to discover ways to educate in French in Calgary, Grande Prairie and Pink Deer.

So far, five students are enrolled in the 4-year undergraduate education and 10 in the 2-year postgraduate education. Thirteen students are enrolled in Calgary, two are enrolled in Grande Prairie, and Red Deer is still waiting for its first intake.

The pilot project was led by Dean Pierre-Yves Moquet, who saw a clear demand for this type of program while living in Calgary in the past. The pilot project is aimed at students who are unable or unwilling to move to Edmonton to study at the university.

This is the case of Julie DeWilde, a biologist who wanted to change careers. I love to pass on my knowledge as a teacher. I am very happy because sharing and raising awareness was my second passion. suits me perfectlyrejoices the one who entered the bachelor’s degree in education after her diploma.

She hopes to be able to teach in a French school or in immersive mode. In both cases, the demand for French teachers is high.

The fact that the program is offered in Calgary was a determining factor in her decision to enroll. I have children here. We have a house, we are inhabited. I couldn’t get away from my children. it would be impossible [de déménager à Edmonton pour étudier]Julie DeWilde explains.

Recruitment for Fall 2022 is ongoing. Application deadline: February 1 for the Postgraduate Bachelor and March 1 for the full four-year Bachelor.

Teach francophone students who will teach at home

These satellite campuses also have the goal of having more students go on to teach in their communities after graduation. Dean Pierre-Yves Mokke gives the example of a student from Grande Prairie who moves to Edmonton for elementary school.

He finds himself on an internship at an elementary school in Edmonton, and one after another, he is offered a place. Given the lack of current students, it is very common for students to be offered positions before they graduate. That sounds interesting. We do not want to refuse to go and see what will be offered in the Falière or Grande Prairie region instead.he explains.

Pierre-Yves Mokke explains that Campus Saint-Jean has already begun allowing students from British Columbia to return to their province for internships to improve their chances of finding work in their region.

The demand for French teachers in Alberta is high.

Photo: Radio Canada/Axel Tardieu

Campus Saint-Jean has received a funding extension from Canadian Heritage to keep it alive until 2023–24. The dean hopes that after the completion of the Campus Saint-Jean pilot project, he will be able to improve the program offerings offered at satellite campuses.

I hope that we can create other programs, in particular the Alberta Collegiate Center, especially in early childhood education, where there is undoubtedly a demandhe explains.

He also hopes that health care and business administration programs will be offered.

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