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Esma Chaib, 34, was a very good English teacher in high school. But in the ten years she lived in France, she lost a lot. “I, who love contact, now feel a real block of speech, lack of vocabulary”she regrets. So in 2021, she decided to enroll in My English School for two lessons a week for three months.

According to Caisse des dépôts, 18% of the training requests approved in 2021 on the Personal Study Account (CPF) platform were for learning modern languages, a total of 380,358 files. Record! They are in the top 3 most bought formations. Certificate courses in English take precedence, notably the Toeic (Test of English for International Communication), which alone received 82,539 submissions in 2021, almost double the number in 2020.

With the implementation of the law on the professional future, promulgated in September 2018, many private pharmacies were quick to break the rules. “Previously, in order to convert your CPF watch to euros and get funding, you had to complete operator training (Opco), which could take three to six months.”, recalls Deborah Guillotin, president of My English School in Lyon. By the time the training was completed and the operating companies paid, the training organizations could wait up to two years to get the funds back.

Free bonuses for using CPF

Since the Moncompteformation “Direct Buying Path” implementation in November 2019, they have received a 25% deposit within thirty days of the start of training and the balance thirty days after it closes. Therefore, there is no need to have two years of cash in advance. “Since there were very few controls at the beginning, we saw that many new players entered the market, not always very serious ones,” reports Guillaume le Dieu de Ville, co-founder of Lingueo. Some organizations engage influencers who invite their social media followers to take advantage of ” present “ – computers, tablets – at discounted prices for any training funded by CPF.

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Others go much further. Dominique Diran, a 74-year-old doctor still working, paid the price. “A month and a half ago, a very nice man called me on my mobile to tell me about my training rights,” He says. “Because I had never been to the new Moncompteformation site, I gladly accepted the help offered to me. » Dominic unknowingly gives him his social security number. Without realizing it, he automatically enrolls in a nine-hour distance learning English course, a program he has never attended. All for 1900 euros, taken from his CPF. When Dominic noticed the scam, he managed to cancel the registration. But he might not have noticed.

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