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How to formulate your wishes on Parcoursup?

Between revisions, evidence of Tray and formulating wishes on Parcoursup, the year of the Terminal is particularly intense. In order to limit stress as much as possible, it is necessary to know the operation of this platform for pre-registration in the first year of higher education. By preparing sufficiently in advance and with wise advice, you will discover all the subtleties, know dates not to be missednumber wishes formulate, traps avoid etc.

To do

Choose your preferences well

The wishes both can refer to non-selective training (licences, specific tracks for access to health and preparatory tracks for teaching in schools) i selectively (BTS, BUT, DEUST, preparatory class for Grandes Ecoles, paramedical training, etc.). To make the right choice, you need to be well informed. So don’t hesitate to visit orientation fairs with your child, to ask the teachers and to go with you from the moon December on the Parcoursup website in order to have visibility about all the trainings offered.

Number of wishes: don’t hesitate to make as many as possible

In 2021 931,000 candidates enrolled in Batch issued on average 11.6 Covenants and Sub-Covenants. The platform enables formulation 10 wisheswhich can be added 10 apprenticeships. In addition, there are more and more of the latter every year. Requesting the maximum number of wishes is intended limit choices by default and to ensure that the wishes expressed are those that really interest the candidate. Therefore it is not number who counts.

Just in case, make at least one wish in a non-selective formation…

Your child can only wish selective training if it matches his continuing studies project. However, it should be remembered that selective training can give negative answers. This is why selection is recommended non-selective trainingwhich are also quality university courses.

Formulation of wishes: take care of your motivated training projects

With Parcoursup, it’s all about organization. Before presenting his motivesit is important to be well informed about expected from training. The section indicates the pathways recommended in high school by targeted training courses. It is also possible to perform a test in order to assess it as well as possible prerequisite of these trainings. One of the priorities of the Ministry of Higher Education is relying on the motivation of candidates. Therefore, it is not a matter of copying and pasting a motivated training project written on the Internet. Section “Your activities and interests” allows your child to highlight their own extra curricular activitieshis possible professional experiences or his associative obligations. Again, it’s about personalization.

Know by heart the deadline for entering wishes

The deadline for registering wishes is truly memorable. It was set in 2022 on March 29. In the case of apprenticeship trainingregistrations can generally be made by in mid-September (end of “additional procedure”), but on each wish it will be necessary to check what it is deadline. Another date that needs to be known imperatively: deadline for completing the file and confirming each wish (Early april).

Do not work

He doesn’t make the same choices as a girl

When it comes toorientationeveryone has to choose their own own pathdepending on that cravings and its ability. When training follows by default, success is usually not in the meeting. If your child tells you they want to do the same workout as their best friend, it’s probably because they don’t he hasn’t found his way yet. But rest assured, like all students, he will find training that suits him and will enable him to prepare professional project in which it will flourish.

It is in a hurry to enter wishes

Never confuse speed with precipitation. What is needed is to be on time. Your child has a few weeks to refine his choices. From the moon December, can view the training courses available on the Parcoursup website. It also offers video tutorials, a toll-free number 0 800 400 070, a “Contact” tab, a Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook account. You are not alone!

Don’t forget the sub-vows!

For selective trainingyour child has a chance one wish apply to several institutions. It’s called sub-covenants. The name of the training is considered a wish, not training specific to one institution. For example, if your child wants to integrate the BTS Services Informatiques aux Organizations at the IUT in Paris (sub-wish) or Lille (sub-wish), he will have to formulate only one wish made up of two sub-wills therefore. The limit be from twenty sub-covenants.

Confirming a wish too quickly

After the wish list is confirmed on the platform, the school receives Future sheet which lists all the wishes of your child. This sheet is consulted by the teaching team: the head of the institution completes it with an opinion, and the teachers write down their grades. It is then sent to the desired facility and helps the jury make their choice. Until they are confirmed, wishes can be deleted. In 2022, high school students had until March 29.

Don’t forget training outside the Parcoursup

If Parcoursup is a national reference platform (as it offers more than 19,500 training courses that provide state-recognised degrees), a certain number of courses, institutions or sectors organize their own applications and/or entrance exams which do not require going through the Parcoursup. This is’private schoolsfor example trade schools (construction, tourism, journalism…), management, engineering, art, etc. This is not a sign of a lower quality of training, but only a different choice of institution for delivery graduate studies.

And his jobs?

And his accommodation?

And his daily life?

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