What are the most effective programs to work in finance?

Finance is a very sought after and popular business sector. With high pay, work that is both intellectual and physical, careers in finance are attracting more and more young graduates. Also, what training do you need to get to work in this field?

Engineer and Master of Finance for the integration of the financial sector

For example, to work in the banking sector, it is ideal to take a course in finance. This training allows students to have a global vision of the world of finance and to develop their creativity and project management ability. Includes courses in finance, banking law and management. The best schools offering this type of course are for example École Polytechnique, ESCP Europe, HEC Paris, Paris-Dauphine University, Paris-Sud University, Paris Business School, INSEEC Business School, School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, etc. You can also choose the Grande Ecole of Management and Finance in Paris ESG Finance where you can follow a complete course, ranging from BTS Bank to Executive MBA, while going through Masters in Corporate Finance, Market Finance (Trade) and more.

Also, to integrate the stimulating world of finance, you can also earn a master’s or diploma in finance. For that you can turn to schools such as ESCP Europe, Paris-Dauphine University, Paris-Sud University or even IÉSEG.

Work and study training: a great way to train for financial professions

You can also opt for an apprenticeship in finance. This is a 2-year training course that allows you to follow a classic training course with in-company courses. Thus, you will benefit from internships in large banks or large audit firms. It allows you to acquire financial skills and develop your knowledge.

What are the advantages of a finance course for integrating the world of work?

Finance courses are very popular and very useful in the world of work, as they help you understand the future outlook of markets and investments. Therefore, it is important to choose the right training that suits you. The first step is to define your profile. Once you find the training that works best for you, you can integrate it into your curriculum. In addition, training in finance is also very effective if you want to enter the world of management, banking or insurance. It also allows you to gain knowledge about taxation and the stock market, but also to discover the dynamics of financial markets.

In addition, studying finance is a great way to prepare for the entrance exams to the top business schools (ESC) or to major engineering schools such as Centrale Paris, Polytechnique or ENSAM. Other prestigious schools such as Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Strasbourg, Ecole Polytechnique de Lille or ESC de Lyon also offer courses in finance..

What occupations are associated with finance studies?

By studying finance, you can qualify for jobs in the following sectors:

– Financial market: analysts, investment bankers, market bankers, stockbroker, asset manager, portfolio manager…

– Insurance: insurance consultant, insurance broker, insurance technician…

– Human Resources: Internal and External Communications Manager, Recruitment Manager, HR Manager, Skills Development Manager etc.

– Bank: investment banker, asset manager, arbitrage specialist, financial investment advisor, etc.

– Advice: management consultant, strategy consultant, financial planner, etc.

– Tax: certified accountant, tax expert…

– Audit: internal audit manager, audit consultant, etc.

What are the programs of financial schools and universities?

The best finance programs will help you learn how to measure a company’s financial performance and understand the impact of new technologies on the economy and companies, among other things. Specifically, a good program will help you:

  • Understand financial objectives and processes worldwide.
  • Measure the effects of economic policy on the economy and the stock market.

  • Learn how to budget and make financial forecasts.

  • Understand the various risk factors that may be encountered in the life of a company.

  • Discover important processes in making financial decisions.

  • Study the different methods used in estimating a company’s cost of capital.

The best financial programs are those that will give you solid knowledge and train you in techniques and methods that will help you find a job and be competitive in the job market. For that, it is important that the training is specialized and professionalized. Also, for the successful integration of a good school or a good financial program, it is especially necessary to have a sufficient level of mathematics, statistics and languages.

Finally, it is important to attend a school or program that will teach you communication, leadership and team skills. You will have to work in collaboration with other people, other teams, and therefore you need to be able to prove yourself by acquiring these skills.

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