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What actions to supply college students to help them in studying arithmetic

Science and, in particular, mathematics are subjects that accompany children throughout their schooling and even after graduation. To help students learn science subjects, CASIO offers many free online resources for all levels. Discover all the educational activities offered by the brand for middle and high school!

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Fascinating online master classes

At the beginning of the 2022 academic year, you will be able to find online and interactive workshops on a variety of topics to make math an exciting discipline. In a more playful environment than at school, students will be able to experiment, practice and improve their knowledge through activities focused on current affairs, entertainment and led by science teachers. With workshops adapted to all profiles and all levels, each child will be able to understand the main topics of the school curriculum at their own pace.


For the most aspiring learners, quizzes can be a great opportunity to apply their knowledge in a more concrete way. For example, as part of a programming competition, they will be able to design and create their own programs using their calculator! Indeed, the CASIO Graph 35+E II and Graph 90+E calculators now feature a Python programming menu.

These free activities for students are designed to motivate them and make them want to move on.

YouTube Tutorials

Tutorials on YouTube have become an effective and important way to help students continue their learning, regardless of the subject, outside of school. This is a more fun and visual way to access a lot of knowledge. For scientific subjects like math or even physical chemistry, just type in the search bar to find an explanatory video, clear and fast to understand mathematical laws, discover programming languages ​​like Python, or use your calculator. effectively.

On its dedicated “CASIO Education” YouTube channel, CASIO offers many tutorials, specifically on how to get started with calculators, as well as many practice exercises during exams to help students with their corrections.

Re-sessions before exams

Before exam periods, such as patent or undergraduate, it may be interesting for students to take re-sessions to feel ready for D-Day.

CASIO recognizes this and hosts numerous free online seminars as key dates approach, as well as YouTube video tutorials to encourage student-to-student and student-teacher exchanges.

Thus, many activities are available to support them in their study of the natural sciences. To conclude, they are offered a variety of free seminars, be it “fun” seminars, patent or bachelor’s degree review sessions, or even competitions for the most motivated!

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