Well being research: quite a few scholarships to finance your research

Regional scholarships, housing assistance or work contract: there are several opportunities to finance health studies, whether medical or paramedical.

Engaging in health studies can have significant costs that must be anticipated. But don’t panic, there are grants and scholarships to help you finance them.

Students of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy have access to scholarships based on social criteria awarded by Crous. However, the same is not true for allied health students reporting to the regions (except in Normandy).

There are also special means such as a public service contract or scholarships in exchange for settling in a territorywhich can help the most secure students finance their studies.

Regional scholarships for social or paramedical health training

As explained on the government website, Applications for scholarships for health, social care or paramedical training (plus midwifery and massage therapist state diploma) are managed by your region.

To benefit from this, you must check with your academic region as each has its own dates and times. Only the Normandy region sends grant applications for these training courses through Crous.

Territorial conditional scholarships for health students

It has also been around since 2009 CESP (Contract on engagement of public services). A student of medicine or odontology will receive a monthly aid of 1,200 euros, from the fourth year of study, in exchange for which he undertakes to practice at the end of his training in a specific place “characterized by insufficient supply of care or difficulties in accessing care”. In 2021, more than 4,100 CESPs were signed.

On the same model and in addition, several scholarships for medical and paramedical studies are created directly by the communities in exchange for placing a caregiver in the territory at the end of his training.

A form of stimulus response to lack of medical staff in some cities and regions. We can mention the Commune of Villes-Soeurs, the city of Brive (19), the Centre-Val de Loire region, the departments of Nièvre, Aude, Haute-Garonne or Vienne…

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Funding for health studies to attract people to the territory

Thus in Centre-Val-de-Loire, study of “7,000 students of nurses, caregivers, masseurs-physiotherapists, psychotherapists, etc.” are free, and the Region covers all their educational expenses, as well as internship fees and travel expenses for nursing and physical therapist students. “An efficient way of promoting these crafts, necessary for the proper development of our territory,” states the Region in a press release.

In Isère, a grant was created for interns in general medicine: it ranges from 17,000 euros in the first year, to 19,000 euros in the second, then 20,000 euros in the third. The region has already financed 60. The future doctor has the obligation to stay in the department within two years, and at least 570 days.

In Brive, the City launched the “J’adopte un doc” system to attract future doctors. From the fifth year of medicine, a student can receive help, with commitment grant of 12,000 euros per academic year in exchange for living in the city for six years, or 6,000 euros for living in the city for three years.

The city adds “privileged access to housing,” a “zero-rate loan to purchase premises, equipment or conduct business,” or even travel assistance during an internship.

For its part, the Association of Sister Cities Municipalities, for the “fight against medical desertification”, founded in 2019. scholarship for medical and dental students against settling in the territory at the end of their studies for a period of ten years. This year, the amount was 7,000 euros per year, for the entire duration of the studies (subject to conditions).

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Private scholarships and research assistance

finish, there are also some private scholarships, such as the “equal opportunities” scholarship at Cours Galen, ie up to 1,500 euros for 225 places in PASS preparatory medicine or health sciences (requested at the beginning of the year for the following year).

It is also for doctoral students, university and foundation grants for research assistance (Servier Institute, Pasteur Mutualité group from 1500 to 2000 euros, Medical Research Foundation and many others). The Île-de-France Public Health Interns Association lists a large number of these research grants here.

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