Training: RUSAL firm affords scholarships for 50 Guinean college students

Fifty (50) Guinean students have just been awarded medical scholarships at Russian universities. They got it through a competition organized by the mining giant RUSAL. This Wednesday, September 21, 2022, the Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry organized a ceremony to award certificates to the various winners.

Several personalities participated in this meeting chaired by Alpha Bacar Barry, Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training. Among them are Alexandre Larionov (head of the RUSAL representative office in Guinea), dr. Bachir Kanté (Chief Advisor to the Minister of Health and Public Hygiene), Mohamed Bamba Camara (Director General of the National Office for Foreign Exchange Affairs), Dr. Alpha Kabiné Keita (Rector of Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry), Oleg Petrenko (Minister-Counselor at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Guinea) and several RUSAL executives.

On May 26, mining giant RUSAL, which operates in Guinea, announced the launch of a training program for Guinean medical students, called the “RUSAL 2022 Scholarship.” As part of this program, 50 young Guinean girls and boys have the opportunity to receive free higher and secondary professional medical training at the Krasnoyarsk State Medical University (KrasSMU) and the College of Pharmacy at KrasSMU. According to the head of the RUSAL 2022 Scholarship, Galkina Anastasia, all expenses related to the flight, accommodation, training of Guinean students, as well as the payment of their scholarships, will be borne by RUSAL.

“With the implementation of the RUSAL 2022 scholarship program, highly qualified Guinean general practitioners, surgeons, cardiologists, as well as nurse specialists and laboratory technicians will be trained. During the training, the participants of the program will benefit from an internship in the medical centers of the Company. The best, after graduation, will be offered a job in RUSAL companies in Guinea. The educational cycle of the “RUSAL 2022 Scholarship” program is planned for a period of 4 to 9 years (depending on the chosen specialty). RUSAL will invest more than 175 million rubles (more than 27 billion GNF) in the training of Guinean medical specialists. “All candidates who passed the qualification test in Guinea will be able to start their studies in Russia in November 2022,” she said.

According to company officials, this new educational program is a logical continuation of RUSAL’s previous initiatives in Guinea. “In 2011, 100 Guinean students received scholarships offered by RUSAL to study at various Russian universities in several specialties. The financing of studies and accommodation of students was completely taken over by the company. Also in 2018, another 101 Guinean students received the right to free education at Russian universities,” recalled Galkina Anastasia.

As of 2011, the total budget of the scholarship program (RUSAL SCHOLARSHIP 2011, RUSAL SCHOLARSHIP 2018, including the planned budget for the RUSAL SCHOLARSHIP 2022 program) was more than 15 million US dollars. In the process, the former RUSAL scholarship holders in 2011 and 2018, through a video that was shown during the ceremony, expressed their complete satisfaction with the training they received in Russia in their fields, but also encouraged the new awardees on behalf of this year 2022 to show seriousness. in this adventure. Many of them claim to be active in Guinea today, especially within the RUSAL company.

On the occasion of this graduation ceremony for the 2022 winners, the Guinean education authorities expressed their satisfaction with the offer of all these scholarships before encouraging the young students to multiply their zeal to honor Guinea in the host country.

This is the case of Alpha Bacar Barry, Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training. “I thank RUSAL for the opportunity they provide to these young people, who are full of ambition, to continue their higher education in Russia and return to serve their country. I would also like to express the government’s commitment to Guinean education. For us, this transition will succeed if we finally manage to put education at the center of the Guinean state’s concerns. Why? Because this approach will ensure Guinea’s development, autonomy and complete independence. It is this approach that will enable the citizens of Guinea to live in better conditions. The message I have to tell you, dear students, is to go to Russia to study. So, you will represent Guinea, you are obliged to respect the laws and customs of the host country. Go and pursue your studies, collect your degrees and come back to serve your country. But you cannot achieve all this unless you bring cohesion and unity to your approach. Leave 50, you must return 50”, he advised.

The head of the RUSAL representative office in Guinea, Alexandre Larionov, congratulated the lucky winners before encouraging them to take advantage of this training. “First of all, I would like to sincerely congratulate the winners. All costs related to the flight, accommodation and education of Guinean students, as well as the payment of their scholarships during the entire study cycle, are borne by our company. RUSAL will invest more than 3 million dollars in the training of Guinean doctors. I would like to thank all our Guinean partners, the management of Gamal University, everyone who contributed to the success of all stages of the selection competition for the RUSAL Scholarship 2022 in Guinea. I wish the winners success in their studies. Be hard-working and persistent, so that you can use the luck you have today one hundred percent”, Aleksandar Larionov started.

The Director General of the National Office for External Scholarships, for his part, thanked the RUSAL company for this initiative, which he describes as the best in favor of Guinean education. “This scholarship offered by RUSAL is a very good opportunity for young users. Many generations did not benefit from it, including ours. If with RUSAL Guinea benefits from scholarships in Russia, I would say the future belongs to those who seek training; and therefore I ask the winners to be more encouraged to make the most of this scholarship. Because this is an opportunity not to be missed. I thank RUSAL for everything they do for Guinea,” said Mohamed Bamba Camara.

One of the beneficiaries of this RUSAL 2022 scholarship, Mamadou Rassim Diallo, who was first in the Kindia region and 8th in the Republic in the 2022 graduation, very happy, expressed his commitment to seriously follow his training in Russia.

“This scholarship I received from RUSAL is a great opportunity for me to realize my dreams. For a long time I dreamed of becoming a doctor. Today, thank God, I will study medicine in Russia through the company RUSAL and return to serve my country as a doctor. I would like to thank RUSAL for offering us this scholarship. I would like to thank my school, Bill Clinton School Complex in Kindia, which provided me with a good basic education to avail this scholarship. I would like to thank the presenters and teachers as well as my parents who supervised me well. I pledge to continue my studies in Russia with great efficiency, to have a medical degree and to return to serve my country. I ask those who were not lucky enough to be selected for this scholarship to redouble their efforts, not to give up, their luck will come”, suggested this young RUSAL scholarship holder.

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