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Tough return to Ouaz: “Some lecturers discovered the day earlier than that they had been assigned at 2.30am from house”

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Due to the shortage of teachers, the start of the 2022/2023 school year was put on alert. In the Oasis, “Madame la DASSEN (Emmanuel Companion, Academic Director, National Education Services, Editor’s Note) I’ll say it’s successful because obviously we have a teacher in front of every class, but it’s actually extremely challenging for school staff, principals and colleagues entering their careers.” alarmed Nathalie Poissant of the UNSA teachers’ union. She is responsible for the first stage (from Kindergarten to CM2). According to her : “The teachers who start the year probably won’t be the ones who finish it”.

All the deputies have already been mobilized

In colleges and high schools, the same thing: “It’s just in time, says Xavier Leneveu academic secretary of SE-UNSAactually there is a teacher in front of each class” as they say, I think we are right, we have to admit that the services have done a crazy job”. Here too, however, the trade unionist teacher thinks that he “no margin”.

No margin: understand that National Education has mobilized absolutely all of its personnel resources: “We went from 3% contract employees to 5%” in high school notes Xavier Leneveu. Contract teachers are teachers who did not pass or did not receive the competition. Nathalie Poissant summarizes: “All the contract staff that are normally brought in to substitute are already on the clock, which means that if there are teachers who are absent from schools in the coming weeks, there will be no one to replace them.” Covid is not gone, this scenario needs to occur quickly: “We have about thirty teachers who are not returning to school because they are positive for Covid,” emphasizes the trade unionist.

Aurélie Bergeron, co-secretary of the FSU-SNUipp department notes, on the part of the school, inconsistencies: “All deputies have already been assigned to positions”she confirms, but at the same time “We have a significant number, perhaps fifty or so, of young recruits who currently find themselves without an assignment . . .”. Bad situation: “Yesterday, many colleagues were moved to tears (Wednesday, Editor’s Note) at a meeting where they were told they would be placed in classes as learners, as observers! For newly graduated colleagues, this means an infantilizing step backwards.’

The last assignments sent the day before the start of the school year

Tears among unaffected teachers and fear among those who have a post… located hours away from home. In Ouaz, these situations are very common. Doubtless in part because of the incredible conditions in which the last-minute tasks were performed. “Monday, August 29, more than 200 colleagues were without an assignment. In the afternoon, about 60% had received an assignment, the last ones received yesterday, Wednesday at the end of the day, a few hours before the start of the school year”. says Nathalie Poissant. With sometimes very difficult personal consequences: “Some young colleagues find themselves with more than 2.5 hours of travel between their home and their establishment, the majority have more than 1 hour, knowing that they have not had time to organize themselves”. A concrete example in 1er degree: “Since the competition is academic, we have affected people in the Oasis who come from the banks of the Somme: Cayeux, Rue, Abbeville… But the administration does not ask questions and does not put them in Creil for example. Can you imagine driving to Abbeville station, then taking the train to Amiens and finally to Cray every day?, asks Nathalie Poissant. Ditto in the second degree. Xavier Leneveu explains a feature of Oise: “Half of the academy’s students are in Oase, so this department has significant faculty needs.” However, some teachers who failed to get their first choice find themselves parachuted into our department. “This is the case with many colleagues who come from the academy in Lille. If they are distributed in Peron or Amiens (Somme) it still passes, but when they arrive south of the Oasis, it is very complicated., he illustrated. Maxim Paruh from SE-UNSA clarifies : “Due to this particularity of the department, also in Waze we find the largest number of colleagues who arrive here ‘by default’: for years, with work meetings (contractor recruitment operation carried out late last year, editor’s note)etc. many people who were looking for a second career turned to teaching by appearing for competitive exams. But these are older people, already settled, less mobile.”

Lives in Dunkirk, assigned to Saint Maximin

Some “young” graduates are already hesitant to resign, such as this teacher who has joint custody of his children, lives in Dunkirk and is assigned to Saint-Maximin… As for schools, Nathalie Puissant confirms that several new holders already have made a cross of their competition: “Perhaps because they had a few competitions and chose not to teach, but some also no doubt due to the conditions of this new school year”. And according to Aurélie Bergeron, national education services are not always kind: “They are overworked, unable to respond to requests from colleagues worried about their appointment, and responses are sometimes borderline: a colleague affected very far from home was told ‘if you’re not happy, resign'”.

Difficult working conditions for a new

Finally that anxious return just in time to school “about the conditions under which the training will take place”, insists Maxim Parukh. Especially for all those new teachers who will be parachuted in full time in front of the classes. “Usually these interns have to start part-time: time in front of class, time in training. Training is useful for… training, of course, exchanging with colleagues about his practices, his difficulties, and also for breathing”. Due to the teacher shortage, these very young teachers are thrown directly into the bottom. Xavier Leneveu abounds: “We have in Oise a particularly contrasting social reality of society, finding yourself for your first full-time job in front of difficult students without looking back, it’s very complicated.”

A reality that can also lead to suspension of work or resignations. The next few weeks are already looking complicated.

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