The primary return pageant to the College of Nantes: see you on September 22!

A festival set up in front of the Château du Tertre

On September 22, students and staff are offered a big back-to-school event to celebrate their first return to the University of Nantes. Held outdoors in a rural setting with tents and a village, the event brings together a range of artistic, recreational, cultural and sporting offerings. Find a program of sports activities from noon to 4 p.m., campus life and student life village, and concerts at the end of the day.

A program of sports events starting at noon

in the SUAPS hall

  • From 12:30 to 16:30 in the weight room – MUSCLE activity (no registration)
  • From 12:30 to 16:30 in the multifunctional room – FITNESS activity (without registration): 15-20′ sessions, starting every 30 minutes
  • From 13:30 to 16:30 on the wall – CLIMBING activity (without registration)
  • From 12:30 to 14:30 – BADMINTON activity (online registration from September 15)
  • From 14:30 to 16:30 – BASKET-BALL activity (online registration from September 15)

near SUAPS (green area on the basement side)

at the University Stadium

Campus life and student life village with four large neighborhoods

Open from 16.00 at the venue of the festival, this village welcomes you and invites you to visit four districts:

  • practical living space transportation, accommodation, on-campus catering and also to find out about your available online services.

    • With the participation of the services of SNCF, TAN, Bicloo, Vélo campus, Crous Nantes Pays de la Loire, Fac habitat, Un temps pour toi and the University of Nantes

  • district of health, solidarity and well-being to discover sports activities, discuss all your questions about health, access to care, review university aid and equipment or even find a mini-shop for recycling items and clothes.

    • With the participation of the student health service, the university’s physical and sports activities service, the Handicap relay, the listening chamber and the reporting of CPAM, CAF and Nightline, Studentshop, SurpreNantes Epicerie, AE Staps, AFEV associations against acts of violence, discrimination and moral and sexual harassment

  • campus life district discover all the artistic and cultural offers you can imagine: workshops, games, a photo booth for posing, a bike-bar with a welcome cocktail and even a polyphonic cabinet, get to know the libraries, go on a healthy journey and hear whispering pieces Learn about community life at the University of Nantes from the books sitting quietly on the deckchairs: use the radio, practice speaking or even play the stars of the movie on the Green background.

    • les Amants, Compagnie les Criporteurs, Voyage à Nantes, City of Nantes with the participation of the University of Nantes department of culture and initiatives and student life service, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Ecole Centrale, School of Architecture, TU-Nantes, university libraries, student life services of the collective, Crous Nantes Pays de la Loire and associations VLIPP, PRUN’, Les Tribuns, La plume du Tertre, Nantes Quidditch, Labsciren, CNNEN, Knowledge Lebs, petits pieds and Interasso.
    • Discover all the cultural offers of September 22 : Polyphonic Cabinet, Gesture Box, Rafaloscope, Tribordeur, Velobar, Walking Garden, Word Blowers. More details

  • entrepreneurial spirit, international and professionalization region international life, mobility abroad, events to welcome international students, discover languages ​​and cultures, understand everything about the professionalization arrangements and tutoring available to you, or the desire to launch your entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and project. With quizzes, student reviews, serious games, tastings…

    • With the participation of information and orientation service, entrepreneurial mission and Pépite system, international exchange service, Euniwell team, university language service, Univ Buddy system, Citizen Lab and Anophele, ESN Around the World associations.
    • Running game Play apprentice entrepreneurs! More details

Discover the evening’s music program

COGEN-Centrale orchestra will start the concerts in the afternoon.

RED ZONE (electro)

Zone Rouge, a collective formed in 2019, aims to make women, the LGBTQIA+ community, and minorities visible in electronic music. The goal: thinking around intersections to allow safer dance floors and inclusive events for all!


RP BOO (electro)

RP Boo – aka Kavain Space is a well-known and respected musician among dance music connoisseurs. known as one of the creators Genius footwork : a dance style known for fast and repetitive music with syncopated rhythms, but also famous footwork.


  • And what does the footwork look like?

NOVA MATERA (electro)

Nova Materia, a duo formed by French Caroline Chaspoul and Chilean Eduardo Henriquez, offers powerful, hypnotic music at the intersection of postpunk rock and electronica. There is nothing ordinary about them. They recite, chant, or whisper cryptic texts and elliptical chants in French, English, Spanish, and imaginary languages ​​to construct their mythological universes, both telluric and futuristic.


FULU MIZIKI (afro-disco house)

Fulu Music Collective is a collective of Eco-Friendly-Afro-Futuristic-Punk artists from a future where people are at peace with the earth and themselves. This multidisciplinary collective of artists is located in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo, in the center of Africa. For several years, its members have spent a lot of time conceptualizing an orchestra from salvaged items found in trash cans, constantly changing instruments, and always in search of new sounds. Making their own instruments, performance costumes and masks is essential to their approach. Their unique voice supports a pan-African message of artistic freedom, peace and a serious look at the environmental situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and around the world.


ELOI (electro pop)

ELOI, who graduated in decorative arts in 2020, continues her journey at Paris Beaux Arts, developing artistic practices that harmonize and connect, navigating between both musical and visual landscapes. A unique self-taught producer, songwriter and performer, ELOI proves that French pop has a bright future ahead of it.


DRAYA MAC (hip-hop)

A former student of the famous Brit School, where she studied musical theater and dance from the age of 14, Dréya Mac is now a talented dancer, choreographer and rapper. He made a splash with his first single, Skippin’.


FAT DOG (post punk)
Formed in London during his incarceration, Fat Dog is a post-punk quintet of young musicians willing to use the chaos as a catharsis for the forced isolation that almost all of humanity has experienced over the past two years. Live, Joe, Jazz, Will, Johnny and Ben like to flirt with improvisation, costume parties and an almost hysterical use of lighting so that each gig the band presents is different from the last and unique in its genre.

SUSANOÔ (hip-hop)

A revelation artist during Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges, Susanoô is a twenty-four-year-old rapper and producer named after the Japanese god of storms.
When we listen to Susanoô for the first time, we are caught in a whirlwind of influences. He grew up listening to Booba, Sefyu, Stromae, Jacques Brel and the best of African-American music. He built this eclectic culture from his bedroom. He studied beatmaking at Le Mans with Heezy Lee and Jack Flaag. He later co-produced Street and Police for Maes and produced titles for RK, La Fouine and YL. His debut EP ICHI was released in April 2021, followed by a series of singles and the ubiquitous EP NITORYU since April 22, 2022.


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