The primary face-to-face graduation at Hearst College because the begin of the pandemic

Luc Bussières, rector of the university, will celebrate his 70th birthday on September 16, in addition to emphasizing his new autonomy.

Last year, the province allowed Université de Hearst to obtain its own institutional charter and sever its affiliation with Laurentian University in Sudbury, which is undergoing a period of restructuring due to financial difficulties.

An event is being organized for mid-September, Luc Bussières points out, and the Université de Hearst will take the opportunity to present its new logo.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Francis Bouchard

We were eager to get startedLuc Bussières shouted on Monday morning.

It’s been two years since we’ve seen students on campus, so the animation in the hallways feels greatDanielle Lauzon, international affairs officer at Hearst University.

It’s really nice to be heresays Pape Fare Dioum, originally from Senegal, who is starting his second session at Hearst.

Sophomore Dye Oumar Ly is also physically excited to be on varsity, although he is a little nervous.

It’s very happy because it allows you to meet students in real life and not virtual, and it’s good with teachers too. I’m a little nervous since it’s my first time, but otherwise I’m very happy to see them all. »

quote from Dye Oumar Ly, student at Hearst University

The return of private lessons requires an adjustment for some people who started their university journey virtually.

Even some female students admit that they prefer distance education. I was fine in the basementsays Myriam Girard of Hearst.

Same story for another Ontario student, Myriam Vaillancourt.

A slight increase in enrollment

The chancellor of Hearst University says there is a slight increase in enrollment compared to last year.

This is especially true for international students […] and local listings. But there are also people from the rest of Ontario, there is some growth on that side. »

quote from Luc Bussières, Chancellor of Hearst University

As of August 29, 265 students were enrolled across the three campuses, compared to 260 on September 17, 2021.

The university expects to receive additional enrollments in the coming weeks until the start of the next block of courses.

Mr. Bussières notes that the University has almost reached the number of students it can accommodate based on the size of its facilities located in Hearst, Kapuskasing and Timmins.

Major renovations to the Hearst campus are also planned for the summer of 2023 to increase enrollment.

Students in a class.

Université de Hearst will have new classrooms for the start of the academic year in September 2023.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Francis Bouchard

A new international office will open later this year to centralize the services offered to foreign students, Mr. Bussières explains.

Danielle Lauzon is one of the people interested in international student admissions.

We follow students from the moment they apply for admission and help them on their way until they receive their study permithe explains.

Then we have the great work of welcoming them all to our beautiful communities: Hearst, Kapuskasing and Timminsadds Ms. Lauzon.

Aerial photo of the lake.

This year new international students were invited to a fun activity on the shores of Lac Rémi at Moonbeam near Kapuskasing.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jimmy Chabot

Université de Hearst is also launching a new master’s program in psychotherapy this year.

Students who complete this 12-month program will be eligible to register with the Ontario College of Registered Psychotherapists and will be able to practice psychotherapy anywhere in the province.

With information from Elsie Miclisse and Frances Bouchard

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