The College of Strasbourg will shut for a further two weeks this winter

Faced with rising energy prices, the University of Strasbourg has announced several measures, including closing the facility for an additional two weeks.

How to deal with rising energy costs? Faced with this question, the University of Strasbourg (Unistra) announced on Monday that it has taken concrete measures to reduce energy costs with the voice of its president, Michel Deneke. Among them, Unistra decided to close its doors for another two weeks this winter.

The third week of the holiday will complete the two weeks of Christmas break in early January. Distance education week should be held in February. During these periods, only one library will remain open for student accommodation.

“For the month of February, we are negotiating with different faculties, because for some it is more complicated than for others”, explained this Tuesday in the RMC Michel Deneken.

Rarely busy days

The president of the University of Strasbourg, however, wanted to implement this closure decision, emphasizing that the impact of this measure on the education of students was low.

“It was a total of nine days, including the first days of January, which are rarely very busy days in universities and faculties, so we need to minimize the impact,” he assures. France information.

Like many communities, institutions and companies, the University of Strasbourg is suffering from the consequences of the energy crisis. Its expenses will amount to 13 million euros this year against 10 million euros last year. According to forecasts, energy costs may rise to 20 million euros in 2023.

A sobriety plan it was also announced by the mayor of Strasbourg a few days ago. To cope with this increase in the bill, other measures will be implemented by the University of Strasbourg in the short, medium and long term.

“The Presidency and the relevant services are working on accelerated courses of action (…) from this summer to take the best course of action in the face of these two challenges,” says the University of Strasbourg’s website.

The rooms are heated to 19°C

The heating start date will be significantly delayed, and the heating shutdown date will be pushed forward as much as possible. Also, the temperature in the rooms will be kept at 19°C. In addition, a communication campaign will be launched in favor of eco-gestures to “change practices”.

“Environmental gestures are very strongly requested by our students and that’s why we discuss with them that this is part of the thoughts”, assures France Info Michel Deneken.

The latter goes further and considers that universities may have to adapt to environmental constraints over time in order to consume less energy.

“Finally, we are in an ecological process that is changing our habits and our ecological transition (…) It may be necessary to change the school calendar, work more in the months with easy heating, and work less on the contrary. We will have to change habits”, President of the University of Alsace in RMC judges.

Alicia Foricher with Gauthier Hartmann

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