The College of Southern Brittany will assist its college students combat inflation

It is also the return of students. Classes in Rennes start this week. In Morbihan, they started again last Wednesday. For this fallThe University of South Brittany enrolls 11,400 students, including 200 at Pontivy, with the rest split equally between Vannes and Lorient. PSpeaking about the start of the 2022 academic year, the president of UBS was a guest of the French Bleu Armorique on Monday.

  • France Bleu Armorique: You lead one of the four universities in Brittany. Yours is the smallest. In this highly competitive universe of post-baccalaureate education, as complicated as a place or not?

Virginia Dupont: No way. In fact, the university was founded in 1995, and it immediately tried to distinguish itself, to distinguish itself from other universities, especially by focusing on teacher training, with a variety of courses, especially at the master’s level, that are very engineering-oriented. We have a background in cybersecurity that you can’t find anywhere else. And then, of course, undergraduate courses that welcome all students in the region. Finally, we will have more transitions training this year.

  • ABF: What is it about?

Virginia Dupont: We have new diplomas because, like all Breton universities, we open our new study card for five years. It has a unique training around the environmental and public license, which accepts students from both sciences, humanities and social sciences, and will therefore lead to preparation for new professions around transitions, sustainable professions. Another innovation is the “Active Self-Direction” training, a bac+1 training that accompanies students who have completed their bachelor’s studies today and still find it difficult or unable to choose the education they want. First of all, it’s been a year, let’s say it’s a little preparation period, who will help these young people who haven’t found their rights yet?

  • ABF: One of the concerns about the start of the school year is inflation. Students are not spared. How can you help them at the University of South Brittany?

Virginia Dupont: We are already joining forces with Crous for a certain amount of relief, social assistance, medical and psychosocial assistance. We also provide computer and 4G dongles. We accompany, we have food assistance open to students, especially for the price offered to deliver organic baskets for 4.50 €. We have a solidarity grocery store for students opening in Lorient and another one we are planning to open in Vannes. Then we help in training by handing out shoes for playing sports. This year we distributed 300 pairs of sneakers made from recycled materials by a French entrepreneur. And finally, by paying 25 €, you can engage in more expensive sports such as football, surfing, windsurfing, horse riding.

  • ABF: You are the Vice-President of the University of France, a former Conference of University Presidents. One of the themes of this new academic year is the fight against sexual and gender-based violence, as well as the fight against discrimination. How does this translate concretely in your faculty?

Virginia Dupont: Indeed, I am involved in the steering committee of the ministry at the national level, and therefore I am also very involved as part of my vice-presidency at the University of France. First, all presidents have training in combating gender-based and sexual violence. These include knowing how to react and knowing how to behave at the institutional level and at the penal level. A number of events will take place throughout the year to train and support staff facing this situation, as well as to show all the systems in place at the university. On Welcome Days, welcome days will be provided with posters and QR code scanning opportunities to provide students with information on gender-based and sexual violence.

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