The College of La Reunion is predicted to enroll 19,000 college students this 12 months

Posted September 5, 2022, 3:32 p.m

Fifteen days after the start of the first courses and pending the closing of registrations, the University of La Reunion expects its number to stabilize at 19,000 students. This high level was achieved in the last two years when the health crisis caused a number of island high school graduates to start higher education locally rather than in mainland France. “The attractiveness of our company is undeniable, its president Frederic Miranville believes that the Covid effect has not yet subsided. “Our 200 training courses allow many young people to realize their projects.”

A number of new features appear this year in the study offer of the Reunionese university, which has two main campuses in Saint-Denis (north of the island) and Le Tampon (south). The third year of the bachelor’s degree in economic and social management is now offered in Le Tampon as well as in Saint-Denis. The language offering is complemented by a degree in “German and French-speaking regions abroad” in collaboration with the Ruhr University. To meet the demand of the economic structure, a professional artist-designer license was created and a State diploma in advanced practice was introduced to nurses who wanted to improve their qualifications.

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The university has also obtained the national Paréo label (Passport for Success and Orientation) for the preparatory period of higher education, which is addressed to young people who have not yet formalized their preparatory course project. It also offers a multidisciplinary course aimed at young people with a good level in economics and engineering, but who hesitate for a long time to pursue higher education.

Reunion is not immune to inflation, 56% of university students said that students with scholarships are at risk of being dangerous. “We supported the creation of two social food stores on our campuses and increased our annual aid to 90,000 euros, recalls Frédéric Miranville. Two health centers for students were also established with the help of the Regional Health Agency, and their activity was strengthened in the field of psychological support after the health crisis. The university has also set up distributors of low-cost intimate protectors to prevent menstrual uncertainty among students.

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