The College of Geneva’s electrical energy invoice will double in 2024


GenevaThe UK is set to double electricity bills in 2024

The alma mater spent 6.5 million francs to provide itself with electricity in 2021. This amount will remain stable in 2023, but should explode in 2024.

The University of Geneva (here is the Uni Mail library) plans to reduce the temperature of its buildings by two degrees.

TDG – L. Fortunati

The University of Geneva is set to double its electricity bill due to the energy crisis. While this will reach 6.49 million francs in 2021, the agency predicts it will “rise to approximately 13.81 million elevators” in 2024, when the current contract expires. On the other hand, only a moderate increase of 250,000 francs is expected in 2023 compared to 2021.

two degrees lower

The alma mater explains that it is “currently implementing a precautionary plan aimed at eliminating certain excess consumption (night lighting, appliances on standby, emergency equipment)”. The university is also in discussion with researchers to identify potential reductions in scientific equipment, knowing that “research-related scientific processes are major consumers of electricity.” Finally, “in agreement with the state”, it plans to lower the temperature of its buildings “by about two degrees” for the 2022-2023 “season”.

Antoine Guenot of the press service also says that the institution “intends to encourage its public to adopt the right gestures: turn off household appliances and lights, turn off fans, auxiliary heaters, kettles, etc. in the office. reduce the use of coffee machines. “We expect a significant reduction in energy consumption, but without a minimum quantitative goal,” the goal is also “to maintain the quality of our operations.”

In a free market like a state

At idle, the University’s electricity bill growth projections for 2024 give an idea of ​​what’s in store for Canton as a whole. Indeed, “under the management of the cantonal building office, there is an electricity contract that connects Uni, HES and State users for state-owned buildings,” says Karen Troll, spokeswoman for the Department of Infrastructure. However, on September 15, the State Counselor Serge Dal Busco explained regarding electricity, the town did not fear that its bill would explode for the next year. But on the other hand, the current agreement, which expires at the end of 2023, and Geneva, which left the regulated system in 2010, will be subject to the free market from 2024; Like a university, that’s why.

Electricity, gas and oil

67% of the total energy consumed by the University of Geneva comes from electricity, 25% from gas, and 6% from fuel oil. Electricity is 94% hydro and 6% solar. 76% of fossil thermal energy is obtained from gas and 24% from fuel oil.

By comparison, EPFL noted earlier in the week that it gets 54% of its energy needs from a new thermal power plant that pumps water from Lake Geneva. The remaining 40% is obtained from electricity, 6% from gas, fuel oil.

At EPFL, the bill is quadrupling

in the interview”24 Hours”, the president of the EPFL (the federal polytechnic school of Lausanne), Martin Vetterli, noted that the institution’s electricity bill in 2023 and 2024 will “probably” be 45 million francs, ie. It recommends warming up and focusing on lights, which “account for almost a quarter of our electricity consumption.”

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