The College of French Guiana is heading in the right direction: the Hcérès analysis report confirms this

The University of Guyana is back to school on September 12. The University of Guyana was established in 2014. It is the youngest university in France. The institution was evaluated by a committee of experts headed by the Supreme Council for Research and Higher Education Evaluation. The findings are encouraging for such a young enterprise.

A unique French university in South AmericaUniversity of Guyana It was established in 2014 is an experimental enterprise. These degrading methods of operation will cease With the end of probation in 2024.

This report from Hceres, (Supreme Board for Research and Evaluation of Higher Education) was eagerly awaited. This evaluation consolidates the findings A committee of experts chaired by Professor Emmanuel Trick of the University of Côte d’Azur. Hcéres is an independent public body responsible for the evaluation of all higher education and research structures.

In 2014, year The division of the University of the West Indies and Guyana, it was about establishing an institution in Guyana offers advanced training tailored to the specifics of the area. Goals achieved According to this study: the structure was able to build creates a solid foundation in the process of development and stabilization. The committee of experts notes that the university faces a dual problem: offers basic training and professional training and builds a specific and reliable scientific signature.

University campus in Troubiran


The report appreciates the quality scientific education and research. Partnerships with Guyana-based organizations are paying off: Amazon biodiversity and resource development; global health/tropical health; innovative technologies (space, renewable energy); migration, interculturality and social cohesion. In addition, external analysis of science policy was also entrusted a committee of outside experts. The result: a clear and objective view of the sectors. On the other hand, experts recommend “simplifying the governing bodies (…) creating a real research department and broadening and diversifying the policy of welcoming scholars in international affairs.”

university of guyana

Céregmia: Favorable arbitration for the University of Guyana

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In terms of training, the University sets a goal to prepare a local proposal adapted to socio-economic demand. He “show will” professionalization of training and development of work-study programs and apprenticeships in initial training and continuing education.

The university should strengthen its support services for the learning strategy: from orientation events with high school students to monitoring student futures through educational engineering, instructional evaluation, and feedback.

The committee of experts also considered the issueenterprise management, organization and management. The organization must take charge of things better management, forecasting and control functions of a fully mature university. The organization is very complex.

Antoine Primerose

Antoine Primerose President UG

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The report starts with the diagnosis we set and developed by the evaluation team. The university exudes a strong dynamism from its staff and partners. We have strong support from regulators and the results of the report encourage us to go further. We believe we have a fair view of sector creation tailored to Guyana’s realities. Admittedly, management and organization are complex. This is related to the history of the University, where we want to establish a transparent and collegial management of decision-making. A system that can sometimes lack fluidity.

Antoine Primerose, President, University of Guyana

Finally, experts recommend it Dedicating time to university…The tools to be strengthened are measured in terms of strategy and specific options: research and training, financial and organizational sustainability and multi-year visibility. The full training University of Guyana is only 8 years old. The 2022-2023 academic year is a new stage.

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