“The College of Cannes has extraordinary potential,” mentioned its president

It’s not just school kids, college and high school students who are going back to school. Students are also returning to campus from the University of Caen Normandy (Caen, Alençon, Cherbourg, Vire, Lisieux, Saint-Lô and Ifs). Classic restoration, without health restrictions, new functions, including the reopening of building B of campus 1, newly renovated. The return to school, which is also taking place in the context of an affordability crisis, is also being felt by students (35,600 enrolled this year). Topics discussed with the university president this Wednesday morning, Lamry Adouywhose guest was France Blue Normandy.

France Bleu: Students face a crisis of purchasing power. Does this bother you?

Lamri Adoui: “It’s very worrying for the students. Obviously, we’re very vigilant about this. Certainly in this difficult back-to-school period for everyone, I can say that to them and their families. First of all, if they have problems, let them know. they should not be left alone. We are here to support them. We have opportunities, services, financial assistance, social assistance. Therefore, if they are having difficulties in this work, they should definitely come forward. I think that paying attention to student life, the quality of life on campus, and the success of our students is one of the university’s goals. mission.”

How is the beginning of the school year? Distance education, health crisis, left in the past?

_”_We really follow the instructions that we live every day. There are no restrictions. It was the same in the previous school year. So we start a new school year, from that point of view, it’s completely normal. .”

The University of Caen was also selected in the Shanghai ranking in the summer (see below). What does this say about the education provided in Caen?

“First of all, this is pride. I want to make it a collective pride. After all, it emphasizes the quality of the work of our researchers, which is not often presented in the end. Therefore, I congratulate them, because this success is the first. and above all, their . From now on, I would like this pride to be collective. This means that our students, the families whose young people are enrolled in the university, say: “We have an extraordinary teaching and research potential in Caen, and we should be collectively proud. So everything the good health of higher education and Caen research, even if not perfect.”

Since Monday, Caen students have also discovered the renovated B building. 29 million euros worth of works. Are you satisfied with the result?

“The result is magnificent. For those who know the building, only the external structure remains. It was designed according to the new uses necessary for students. It was also built with the aim of sustainable development and high energy efficiency. Classified as a historical monument since 2012 in one building, I think it is a great success. It has caused a certain number of restrictions. 50% of the site is funded by the university’s own funds and we are well supported by the State and the Region.

Building B, which will be opened this Friday by Higher Education Minister Sylvie Retailleau…

“Exactly, so. We’re suddenly making it a great event because it’s more than just opening a building. It’s first and foremost the flagship building on our campus, 15,000 square meters, open to thousands of students. These are all student services. Within our university, humanitarian and the place of the social sciences is also emphasized. I think it is well deserved. C This is something we don’t do often enough. Supporting students is a strong point of our school project. And so we are very happy to be able to do a small-scale opening ceremony.

How do you position yourself in terms of energy prudence? Did you give instructions?

“We will be communicating widely about this. We have reduced the use of paper significantly to be a little more careful with the use of these raw materials. We will have thermostats, for example, so that we do not heat the spaces now. Those that are not in use. So we are looking at the cost. we will conduct selective sorting and of course we will be given cautionary instructions. We don’t have to excuse ourselves from all that is happening in society. at all.”

  • Caen University stands out in the Shanghai ranking:

The Shanghai ranking evaluates the research activities of universities all over the world. The University of Caen is ranked 301ᵉ in mathematics, 401ᵉ in chemistry and clinical medicine, 201ᵉ in medical technology and 151ᵉ in oceanography.

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