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School starts again soon. How to support your child and teenager, from the beginning of the year, with lessons? They represent a certain budget, but there are solutions to avoid breaking the bank.

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You can find free lessons at school through supervised training organized by the establishments. It is recommended to ask the hostess or the management of the establishment, as upon re-entry. Otherwise, some municipalities organize training for free or at a lower price – depending on the family coefficient. You can also go through associations, courses are run by volunteers, often retired.

Another solution that is being developed more and more: regrouping parents. Several families can take a student or teacher to teach 2 or 3 children at the same time. He brings this training to one or the other or replaces the homes. It is better if the children are on the same level. This option obviously allows for cost sharing, but requires a good understanding and agreement upstream on everyone’s expectations.

Finally, there are sites that offer distance tutors. They often mix videos, worksheets, interactive exercises and, if necessary, offer teachers. Several offers start at less than €10 per month on subscription, so it’s better to avoid dropping out along the way. This type of online learning is special, not suitable for all children or teenagers. You should talk to him before committing.

Also, through the web, some sites connect you with qualified teachers or students. But it is more expensive, about twenty euros per hour of lessons. In this case, it is preferable to choose a speaker that is not too far from home, in the same city, is ideal.

Depending on the conditions, courses taught at home may be tax deductible because they are considered home work. Friendly School Mutual Aid site: ESA. Remote sites: Kartable or Maxicours. Links site: Superprof.

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