Tarbes: All inexperienced lights for College of Know-how

If this academic year 2022-2023 will already take place under the auspices of the University of Technology, this new structure will be fully operational on January 1, 2024.

“A new step has been taken in the sense that we will move forward in the institutional constitution. Today, all the lights are green,” said Jean-Yves Fourquet, director of ENIT, in a press briefing. The project for “good” Tarbes and Occitania. The project is two current institutions and future components, ENIT and IUT. , but also found general support within local authorities. Students will be the first to benefit as the future university will increase enrollments by around 1,000 places. But it will also mean more training on offer, more research and more opportunities for bridging between existing courses. will be

“This project, which has been presented several times for information, has gained wide support and we hope that all the stars will come together,” IUT director Jean-Yves Chambrin expressed his wishes for. “Everyone saw the interest of this university from the beginning and it’s a great day for us, now everything is fine. I would like to congratulate the two directors and all the teams. All the problems have been solved and we are ready.”, Medef65 President Antoine Nunes rejoiced.

The challenge is multi-faceted because while this project aims to “give ambition to the youth of this area”, local companies also have significant recruitment needs. Therefore, it is the entire economy of the area that benefits from the establishment of this university, whose size will be one of its assets in terms of recognition and international visibility. It is enough for young people to expand their fields and encourage foreign students to come and continue their studies in Bigorre. “Our area has advantages for attracting talent, especially at the master’s and doctoral level,” emphasized Jean-Yves Fourquet.

But not only that, but Agglo is also working on it with the aim of economic development of the area, as Gilles Craspay reminds, but also “compliments the full course leading up to the doctorate. And with this new structure we will be able to create sectors that we do not have”. in continuous training.All this in partnership with local businesses, who are already widely represented on school boards, to enable training to be tailored to the needs of employers.

“We are currently working on the reorganization of the institution. We need to finalize operational and institutional work. And to find a name,” Jean-Yves Chambrin details in his calendar. The project, which emerged at the end of 2020, is moving forward at a steady pace with the goal of formalization and the first official start to follow from January 1, 2024.

What is needed to strengthen “the will to rebalance the territory in terms of the university offer of the Occitanie region”, as regional councilor Pascale Peraldi emphasized. With its new University, Tarbes will confirm its status as a balanced university town.

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