shot, two professors of the College of Toulouse, Jean Jaurès, had been cleared by the administration

The National Council for Higher Education and Research (CNESER) on September 22 canceled the disciplinary sanctions imposed on two teachers of the University of Toulouse. They were excluded from higher education due to sexual and moral pressure.

The decision of the disciplinary division of the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès is annulled.“Friday is reversed in two decisions published by the National Council for Higher Education and Research on Thursday, September 22. A definitive ban on the performance of teaching or scientific-research functions in any state higher education institution, a decision that is immediately implemented despite a complaint decided Filed by the University of Toulouse on July 2, 11, 2019, against two plastic arts teachers.”

The case caused an uproar at the Toulouse facility in 2019. Many students asked intrusive questions about their sex lives and discrimination based on their perceived sexual orientation. They also claimed to have passed unequivocal sentences on rape the uncontrollable desires of men” from their teachers.

Members of the National Council for Higher Education and Research emphasize to justify their decisions procedures “depends” Committed by the University of Toulouse not respecting the presumption of innocence.

the CNESER it was not said convinced with the incriminating statements of the two teachers. For the judgesplease call nothing does not allow to determine the existence of pedagogical practices that are contrary to the expected ethical requirements of one teacher“; there is no evidence to prove it insulting, humiliating, degrading and discriminatory expressions that constitute moral and sexual harassment that harm students and the organization, and therefore the reality of the harm cannot be demonstratedheld and that “the charges brought against the defendant are in the context of a social conflict within the university where the defendant is stationed.

The University of Toulouse, Jean Jaurès, nevertheless noted in its July 2019 decision against one of the two professors ambiguous opinions were voiced against it students as part of the pedagogical experience and when evaluating the student’s work, for example, “naturism, he must like it”, “seeing him in a porn movie” ZZZ “, “Do you practice like this?

of lie“, of making settlements“, a Manhunting does not mean hunting with dogs, but packet attacks as we see them unleashed on networks“, He is considered one of the dismissed teachers “tkings main motivations to my slanderers: A political reckoning over his situation during the last blockade of the university, a second reckoning to clear the grudges caused by two altercations he had with two female students, and finally a return to censorship.

In May 2019, when the case came to light, the Toulouse prosecutor’s office opened an investigation before closing it six months later. According to Dominique, the prosecutor at the time, the facts were not sufficiently characterized by criminal terms. Alzeari.

The various parties in this case, contacted through their attorneys, did not respond to our inquiries at the time of publication. The residence of the University of Jean Jaurès assures that it will take into account his decision CNESERwithout commenting and clarifying whether he will take over the State House.

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