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As part of an improved contract between Transdev Limocar and the University, routes more suited to the needs of the university community are now available between the main campus and the Longueuil campus.
Photo: Michel Caron – UdeS

Many members of the student community and staff travel between the main campus and the Longueuil campus every week, coping with increased car traffic. On the occasion of Sustainable Mobility Week, UdeS is proud to improve its intercity transport offer with Transdev Limocar, which now offers timetables and routes more relevant to the realities of its students and employees and at the most competitive prices.

Effective September 3, this revised agreement will allow the university community to consider a real alternative to the “solo car” to get from one campus to another. Indeed, the connection is now offered several times a day, which makes it possible to arrive in time for the start of classes or the start of the working day, to return home early in the evening or at the end of evening classes. in Longueuil. These improved timetables are in addition to the existing ones and the trips are defined as “UdS correspondence” in the Limocar timetables.

Timings for new connections:

Main Campus – Longueuil Campus
– Departure at 6:05 am and arrival at 8:00 am.
– Depart at 8:45 AM and arrive at 10:40 AM.
– Departure at 17:15 and arrival at 19:10.

Longueuil Campus – Main Campus
– Depart at 6:15 am and arrive at 8:10 am.
– Departure at 10:45 and landing at 12:40.
– Departure at 16:15 and arrival at 18:10.
– Departure at 17:45 and arrival at 19:40.
– Departure at 21:00 and arrival at 22:55.

With the addition of new connections between the Main Campus and the Longueuil Campus at affordable prices that better suit the schedules of UdeS students and staff, the bus represents more than ever a means of transport to get to class or work. We are proud to contribute to this.

Guy Beauchesne, regional director of intercity Limocar and school transportation for Transdev Québec

The transport service is adapted to the university community, especially with its timetables, but also with free access to Wi-Fi, thus allowing its users to study or work during the journey.

Greener and more economical transport

The agreement should also help significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions: good news for the planet! For many years, UdeS has been actively working to reduce transport-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and make its campuses more sustainable.

We know that the transportation sector in Quebec is responsible for about 45% of greenhouse gases. We know that Sherbrooke-Longueil trips generate their share of GHGs. That’s why we worked with Transdev Limocar to develop an agreement that will improve intercity transportation service and encourage our university community to use it more.

Professor Denyse Remillard, UdeS assistant rector and vice-rector for management and sustainable development

The student community, as well as UdeS employees, benefit from significant discounts for the use of intercity transport.
The student community, as well as UdeS employees, benefit from significant discounts for the use of intercity transport.
Photo: Michel Caron – UdeS

In addition to offering a simple and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, the agreement offers significant economic benefits for the university community. Intercity transport rates were reduced, which benefited both students and UdeS employees. When a student card is presented, a Sherbrooke-Longueuil ticket costs $27.11, which is a significant saving of 35%, up from $41.71 for a one-way ticket.

Booklets of 10 tickets are also available, providing additional economies of scale. In addition, faculties and centers that wish to offer certain trips to their students for academic purposes can take advantage of this.

UdeS employees also get their share of the savings. Discounts up to 18% for personal transportation needs and up to 30% for business trips. In addition, work-related travel approved by UdeS is fully covered.

Other sustainable mobility initiatives

Every fall, UdeS holds a Mobility Fair on its campuses to publicize its initiatives in terms of sustainable mobility.
Every fall, UdeS holds a Mobility Fair on its campuses to publicize its initiatives in terms of sustainable mobility.
Photo: Michel Caron – UdeS

UdeS held 3 on September 14e Every autumn, the Mobility fair offers many ideas and solutions for more sustainable travel. Presented as part of the University’s Public Market, the Fair has made many rethink modes of transportation.

Once again this year, passes from the Société de Transport de Sherbrooke (STS) are provided to Sherbrooke personnel. Valid until September 30, due to the closure of certain stops due to the installation of launch pads, passes can be picked up at the Center for Sustainable Mobility, room B5-007 of the multifunctional pavilion.

The Mobility Fair will be held on September 21 at the Longueuil Campus.

Two Communauto vehicles are also available on Main Campus to offer other alternatives to the private car and make car sharing more accessible. These cars are reserved for employees on business trips on weekdays, from 7 am to 5 pm, and can be used by all Communauto subscribers outside of these time slots.

More and more people prefer active transport to get to University campuses.
More and more people prefer active transport to get to University campuses.
Photo: Michel Caron – UdeS

New cycle paths have also been developed to connect the Main Campus to the City network in 2019 and then to the Innovation Park in 2020 and 2021. Each year, new bikes are added to the self-service park, which the university community can use for free. on three campuses.

There is also infrastructure for people who prefer active transport to reach the campus: bicycle shelters and racks, showers, self-service repair terminals, etc. Unfortunately, bike theft remains an increasingly common problem, the Garage 529 app is an interesting solution to record your bike’s serial number and other specific information. Available from the Center for Sustainable Mobility, the bike’s self-adhesive sticker shows it is now registered with a community of more than 400 organisations, including police services, universities, as well as cycling clubs and shops.

The UdeS Center for Sustainable Mobility also collaborated on the Fête du vélo 2022. The event, which took place in Jacques-Cartier Park on Sunday 18 September, aimed to promote active transport in the Sherbrooke area.

Through these initiatives, UdeS reaffirms its commitment to sustainable mobility and wants to mobilize its community around issues related to the fight against climate change.

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