Shanghai rating: ETHZ leads Swiss universities

American universities are still at the top of the Shanghai rankings published on Monday, August 15, with Harvard taking first place for the 20th year in a row. On the Swiss side, ETHZ is considered the best university, followed by the universities of Zurich and Geneva. Then comes EPFL in the segment between 101 and 150, as do the University of Basel at 83 and the University of Lausanne.

The University of Geneva (Unige) was ranked 73rd ten years ago, in the 2011 ranking. Thus, the institution, which has won more than 10 places, has been awarded several prizes in recent years, including the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2019, which was won by Michel Major and Didier Queloz. Hugo Duminil-Copin was recently awarded the Fields Medal. Mathematician at Unige. Last July, the Lake Geneva region was honored twice: Maryna Viazovska also won a medal at the EPFL. The Geneva subjects rated particularly well in the Shanghai ranking are physics, dental care and mathematics.

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In 2019, the University of Geneva reached the 58th place. As for EPFL, the second French-language university in the ranking, it has lost more than 20 places since 2018. While it was on the 81st place, it has now fallen to the segment covering the 100-150th places. In 2015 EPFL was already out of the top 100. This year, Energy Science and Engineering received the highest marks as a field. In this subject, EPFL is considered the fourth best university in the world and the first in Switzerland, ahead of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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The Anglo-Saxons win

Anglo-Saxon institutions are in the top ten, as they were last year: eight American universities and two British universities occupy the first place in the 2022 edition of this world ranking of the best higher education institutions, which has been carried out by an independent firm since 2003. Shanghai Rating Consultancy.

Ranked first, Harvard is again ahead of its compatriot Stanford. This year, another American university – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology took the third place on the podium, dropping the British Cambridge to the fourth place.

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Then there are the American universities Berkeley (5th) and Princeton (6th) and then the British Oxford (7th). A total of 39 American universities are in the top 100. The French University of Paris-Saclay, the first non-Anglo-Saxon institution, is ranked 16th.

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The Shanghai ranking takes into account six criteria, including the number of Nobel and Fields Medal winners in mathematics among graduate students and professors, the number of most-cited researchers in their disciplines, or the number of publications in journals. science and nature.

This year, more than 2,500 businesses were reviewed to create the top 1,000 ranking.

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