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School Scholarship: The right way to Apply

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP. A college scholarship is means-tested assistance. Here are the criteria and fixed amounts.

In order to benefit from the college scholarship, public education students must apply online on the special platform of the special Educonnect platform. The Ministry of Education provides a user manual. Through this portal, it is possible to obtain the tax data necessary to process the request without the need to attach supporting documents.

For private college students, the application must be completed using the Cerfa form 12539 and then sent to the secretariat of the college where the child (or children, if applicable) is enrolled. A photocopy of the tax or non-tax notice and bank details must be attached to the form.

Typically, this file must be sent until mid-October after the start of the school year (end of October for students registered with Cned).

The Ministry of Education provides parents of students with a simulator to calculate what kind of scholarship they can qualify for. Three pieces of information are required: the number of underage or disabled children, the number of adult children living alone, and reference tax income.

The simulator then outputs the number of points awarded corresponding to marital status, the income ceiling that must not be exceeded to receive a scholarship at the beginning of the 2022 school year, the level to which the student belongs, the annual scholarship amount. and for qualifying students, the boarding school’s annual bonus amount.

Any parent of a child enrolled in a public or private college or receiving distance education at the National Center for Distance Education (CNED) at the same level can apply for a college scholarship. This benefit is subject to a means test. In addition, it depends on the regular attendance of the student: in the case of unreasonable cumulative absences of more than fifteen days or repeated, the director may withhold all or part of the amount paid.

The college scholarship scale is set based on the number of children and the resource ceiling (as stated on the tax notice). The 2022-2023 quarterly amount, calculated based on 2021 income and the number of dependent children reported on the 2022 tax notice, is as follows:

Number of dependent children Annual revenue 2021 Quarterly Scholarship Amounts 2022-20223
one Less than 3042 euros 153€
From 3042 to 8622 euros 98€
From 8,622 to 15,951 euros 35 €
2 Less than 3744 euros 153€
From 3,744 to 10,613 euros 98€
From 10,613 to 19,632 euros 35 €
3 Less than 4446 euros 153€
From 4,446 to 12,602 euros 98€
From 12,602 to 23,313 euros 35 €
four Less than 5,149 euros 153€
From 5.49 to 14,593 euros 98 €
From 14,593 to 26,993 euros 35 €
5 Less than 5851 euros 153€
From 5,851 to 16,582 euros 98 €
From 16,582 to 30,675 euros 35 €
6 Less than 6,553 euros 153€
From 6,553 to 18,572 euros 98€
From 18,572 to 34,356 euros 35 €
7 Less than 7,255 euros 153€
From 7,255 to 20,563 euros 98 €
From 20,563 to 38,037 euros 35 €
8 or more Less than 7,957 euros 153€
From 7,957 to 22,552 euros 98€
From 22,552 to 41,718 euros 35 €

The 2022-2023 College Scholarship request is subject to the annual resource ceilings on the 2022 tax notice set for 2021 income. Their sum is:

  • 15,951 euros for 1 dependent child
  • €19,632 for 2 dependent children
  • €23,313 for 3 dependent children
  • €26,993 for 4 dependent children
  • €30,675 for 5 dependent children
  • €34,356 for 6 dependent children
  • €38,037 for 7 dependent children
  • €41,718 for 8 or more dependent children.

When is the college scholarship paid out? The due date for the college scholarship is set at the beginning of each semester, after deducting any expenses for half board or meals.

The quarterly amount of the college scholarship can be 35, 98 or 153 euros depending on the situation. To get the total amount of assistance for the year, simply multiply the amount by three.

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