School or Excessive College Scholarship Utility: Quantities, Dates, and Circumstances

It’s an incentive that’s been around for years, but is still little known. Low-income families can benefit from grants paid by the government to help financially support a child’s continued education through college and high school.

Indeed, scholarships are not only paid to students pursuing higher education. Under certain conditions, it is possible to help a student or high school student.

Scholarship for college

As soon as your child enters the 6th grade, it is possible to apply for a scholarship, subject to certain conditions.

Check if you meet the requirements

Regardless of whether your child is being educated in the public or private sector, or is pursuing their education remotely at the National Center for Distance Education (Cned), you can apply for a college scholarship.

To benefit from it, the household’s annual resources must not exceed a certain upper limit.

The annual upper limit of funds that must not be exceeded in order to use the college scholarship for the academic year 2022/2023.
Number of dependent children Limit of annual funds in 2021
















The college scholarship is awarded to those responsible for the child, they must assume effective and permanent responsibility.

Apply for a college scholarship

Application for the scholarship is made at the very beginning of the school year. For the beginning of the 2022/2023 school year. year, it must be done online between the beginning of the school year and the following October 20 (or October 31 for students registered in Cned).

In all cases, the request is simply made online. This teleprocedure is carried out on the “Scolarité Services” portal of the academy where the faculty where his child is studying is located.

In order to connect and submit your application, you will need the ATEN username and password previously communicated by the faculty. It will also be necessary to obtain the 2021 Income Tax Notice for 2022.

After the file has been processed, the college or Cned center will send a notification of grant award or rejection of the application. In the latter case, an appeal is possible within two months.

Receive your college scholarship amount

The scholarship for the faculty is paid in three installments, each term. Half-board and board costs will be deducted from this grant, if applicable. For the school year 2022/2023. the amount of the scholarship varies from €35, €98 to €153 per semester.

Quarterly amounts of college scholarships paid in 2021-2022. according to the number of dependent children and annual incomes achieved in 2021.
Number of dependent children Annual resources 2021 Quarterly scholarship amounts 2022/2023
1 Less than €3,042 €153
Between €3,042 and €8,622 €98
Between €8,622 and €15,951 €35
2 Less than €3,744 €153
Between €3,744 and €10,613 €98
Between €10,613 and €19,632 €35
3 Less than €4,446 €153
Between €4,446 and €12,602 €98
Between €12,602 and €23,313 €35
4 Less than €5,148 €153
Between €5,148 and €14,593 €98
Between €14,593 and €26,993 €35
5 Less than €5,851 €153
Between €5,851 and €16,582 €98
Between €16,582 and €30,675 €35
6 Less than €6,553 €153
Between €6,553 and €18,572 €98
Between €18,572 and €34,356 €35
7 Less than €7,255 €153
Between €7,255 and €20,563 €98
Between €20,563 and €38,037 €35
8 or more Less than €7,957 €153
Between €7,957 and €22,552 €98
Between €22,552 and €41,718 €35

Attention! In the case of unjustified and repeated absences of your child from college for more than 15 days during the year, a deduction may be made from the amount of the scholarship. The decision is made by the director of the faculty.

High school scholarship

Check if you meet the requirements

To qualify for a high school scholarship, your child must be taking one of the following courses:

  • Be enrolled in the 2nd, 1st or Terminal class;
  • Pass the CAP;
  • be enrolled in a college-level class in high school;
  • Be enrolled in the third year of the “prepa-métiers” class;
  • To be educated at the high school level within Cned.

Your income must not exceed certain upper limits. They depend on the 6 levels of scholarship and the number of dependent children.

2021 Income Upper Limits Not to Be Exceeded for High School Scholarship Based on Number of Dependent Children

Number of dependent children

Tier 1 scholarship


Tier 2 Scholarship


Tier 3 Scholarship


Tier 4 Scholarship

246 €

Tier 5 Scholarship


Tier 6 Scholarship



















































8 or more







Apply for a high school scholarship

For a student enrolled in a public institution, you must apply online at Educonnect, or fill out the appropriate form (Cerfa No. 11319*18) in paper format and submit it to the school secretariat in the period from May 30 to July 6 or from September 1 to October 20. For students who are educated in private institutions under contract or in Cned, only the application in paper format will be accepted.

If you have been receiving a high school scholarship since the beginning of the 2020 or 2021 school year, you will continue to use it automatically for 2022-2023. year if your situation has not changed.

An adult or emancipated student cannot apply for a scholarship if he is not related to his parents’ tax household.

Receive your high school scholarship amount

Here are six levels of high school scholarships, depending on your situation, for the 2022/2023 school year. It is paid in 3 installments, at the end of each quarter.

Scholarship amount according to level
Echelon Quarterly scholarship amount
1 €147
2 €181
3 €213
4 246 €
5 €278
6 €312

Please note that the scholarship holder can also use the following aid, in combination with the scholarship:

  • merit scholarship if mentioned in the patent;
  • help if he is enrolled in a professional course;
  • boarding school grants;
  • social fund of secondary schools;
  • help for the canteen.

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