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As a student at the Conservatoire, you can benefit from several types of aid to finance your studies or projects. No file will be processed without registration at the Conservatory.

State scholarships

Crous Social Grant (Regional Center for University and School Work)

Scholarships based on social criteria, awarded by Crous, are mainly awarded to French students, but also apply to:

  • Students from a country of the European Union or the European Economic Area who have been staying in France for at least 1 year

  • Students (from outside the European Union) who have resided in France for at least 2 years and have a temporary residence permit or residence permit and whose tax home – father or mother or legal guardian – has been in France for at least 2 years.

The request is made by creating a student social file online:

The main criterion for calculating the scholarship is based on the tax return from previous years (the distance between the school and the place of residence is also taken into account).

Student Social File Guide

Getting this scholarship allows you to be exempt from paying the registration fee.

Exceptional financial and energy assistance during a health crisis Crous has established financial aid with other organizations to support students during the Covid-19 period. A one-off grant can be requested from the Crous de Paris, for scholarship holders and non-scholarship students. This assistance is available to students in financial insecurity after acceptance of the file by the committee. The aid amounts to the same amount as the grant for step 2, i.e. the total annual amount of €2,571. Assistance provides financial support for housing or paying daily bills. It is possible to reduce them by choosing a cheaper power supply. Regarding housing costs, the ActionLogement organization also offers exceptional assistance, the eligibility period of which has been extended to support young students or graduates from the private and agricultural sectors with additional housing assistance compared to the Caisse d ‘ Family allowance. It enables the payment of part of the rent or related expenses, such as access to joint insurance for students or young employees. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended that you cover yourself in case of illness or various medical equipment needs. The amount of assistance is 150 euros per month during the financial crisis. To be eligible, you must be able to prove a drop in income after a period of partial unemployment or job loss. More information from the Crous de Paris and individual advisers, or on the page “Your help during the health crisis” on the website.

Tax notice (tax house attachment):

In France, everyone must declare their income through a tax return. It is a liability even if it does not lead to taxation (one out of two tax returns generates €0 tax or a refund). As soon as your parents no longer register you as part of their tax household, you must file your own tax return. Having your own tax return can help you get a Crous scholarship.
Note, however, that Crous requires tax returns for the year preceding your grant application.

For foreign students, if you live in France for more than 6 months, it is also mandatory to do this even if you are financially supported by your parents or if you are not taxed. You will have to wait two tax years to apply for the Crous Scholarship.

For the first application, you must first request the creation of your tax number:

FNAUAC scholarship

The National Fund for Annual Cultural Emergency Assistance (FNAUAC) allows the award of annual emergency assistance to students who face permanent difficulties confirmed by the directors of institutions and social services of the Regional Centers for University and School Work (Crous), but who cannot use a grant based on social criteria due to non-fulfillment of at least one of the conditions imposed by the regulations.

That they meet the requirements for annual emergency assistancethe student must be younger than 35 years old 1er October of the higher education year for which assistance is requested. This contingent aid is exclusively reserved for students facing specific and critical situations.

The annual emergency aid cannot be combined with a scholarship based on social criteria (Crous scholarship). The amount of annual emergency assistance offered is equal to the scholarship rate based on social criteria and this assistance counts as scholarship entitlement.
There are two FNAUAC scholarship campaigns per year: one in November and one in February.

scholarships from the French government

French government scholarships for students are mainly awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They mainly concern students in 3e cycle and post-documents. Candidates are selected based on academic rather than social criteria.

To find out about the scholarships offered in your country, contact the cooperation and cultural action department of the French embassy in your country. The request is submitted in September/October of the year preceding departure.
On this page you will also find the entire list of scholarships classified by country:

Student Accommodation Assistance (AILE)

In order to support Crous scholarship holders who do not have access to a student social housing and have to find an apartment in the private sector, the city of Paris offers AILE, assistance in a flat amount of 900 euros. This service should enable students to meet the costs inherent in their installation, such as the purchase of household appliances, furniture, etc.
More information:

Private help

Conservatory Support Fund, what is it?

The fund for the support of the conservatory brings together the private aid provided by patrons (donors, foundations, companies, institutions). The intention is to provide everyone with equal opportunities for access and success in studying at the Conservatory.
It supports students in addition to help provided by parents or other organizations.

What scholarships?


If you encounter difficulties, they can partially finance your daily living expenses needed to continue your studies (help with rent, miscellaneous expenses, food, medical expenses, etc.). They can also help you with small costs that are directly related to your discipline and essential for the continuation of your studies, such as help with equipment (accessories, digital help, etc.).

Project grants

They can finance a project necessary for your studies or necessary for your professional integration.
Scholarships support these main actions:

  • Grant assistance for the purchase and basic maintenance of instruments
  • Scholarships for other projects (creation, expansion, residencies, etc.)
  • Mobility grant (internships, master classes, competitions, international mobility, etc.)
  • Loan of quartet instruments (loan of violins and cellos)

emergency scholarships

Their purpose is to give you occasional help in dealing with life’s misfortunes.

Scholarship amounts vary depending on your situation, the type of scholarship, and the resources available within the Conservatory Support Fund, which is entirely dependent on the generosity of patrons.

How to apply?

Scholarship applications must be submitted via a file to be completed on your ENT (Private Help section) with the same access codes you received when you registered.

Download the Guide to Grants and Private Aid 2022-2023

Other aids

Other private assistance

There are other aid or support systems for musicians and dancers that are not managed by the Paris Conservatoire.

Other international mobility aids

Thanks to the European “Erasmus +” program and bilateral student exchange programs with non-European countries, you can complete part of the course abroad in one of the Conservatory’s partner institutions.
For more information: course/discovery/international

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Calendar 2022-2023

Student Social File Guide

Guide to Scholarships and Private Aid 2022-2023


State aid

Private help

International aid

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