Saint-Etienne/Roanne: Jean-Monnet College is revising its coaching choices

An opportunity for its president Florent Pigeon surrounded by his vice presidents Stéphane Riou,Christelle Bahier-Porte, Alain Trouillet and Philippe Negrier, Director General of Services to set the context for the start of the new academic year marked “strategic choices in terms of training with academic axes that meet the expectations of partners”.

Despite this structural deficiencyBy Jean Monnet compared to the national average, it is estimated at slightly less than 30 million euros.

Depending on the number of students from Saint-Etienne, the state grant is €5,600 per year, compared to a national average of €7,300. So, the university “needs to find” 3.2 million euros in the coming weeks to compensate additional energy costs (1.6 million euros) and the revaluation of the non-compensable index item in 2022 (1.6 million euros).

Energy renewal of the university heritage

Continuing the reconstruction of the Comue between Lyon and Saint-Etienne, the university, in this context, is carrying out an ambitious project related to the energy renewal of the university’s heritage. It consists of 1.4 million square meters in Saint-Etienne, of which 600,000 m.2 dilapidated buildings. A total of 200,000 m2 processed.

The university will continue its efforts”Training supported by scientific axes of research groups and development of new master’s courses”Florent Pigeon points out the ambition to gradually develop tiered schools in the fields of art, research, territory, knowledge, as well as Sports, health and performance, optics and photonics.

This beginning of the academic year is characterized as every five years updating the training offer in the first and second cycle. L’School of Economics welcomed his first promotion with a new bachelor’s degree, accompanied by an international course, with the possibility of validating a double diploma and benefiting from mobility.

L’AEI offers a new management bachelor’s degree and a new master’s in accounting, finance, marketing and management with a focus on professionalism. through alternative course.

The law school is offering three new master’s degrees, on procedures and justice, one in business law with expertise in human resource management and social law, and the other in public law. The field of art is also affected by this overhaul.

In terms of work-study, 12 masters are offered, eight of which can be obtained in M1″relatively substantial and quite exceptional compared to the global master’s offer“, he emphasized Alain Trouillet, Vice President of UJM. Last year, the university admitted 1,400 vocational students.

In terms of research, UJM will continue its ambitious research policy by keeping the best at Idex and establish international partnerships in priority areas such as the University of Ottawa in Canada.

Ultimately, it will bring together 80 Ukrainian students, about thirty of whom took French courses at the university last spring.

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