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Richebourg: he dreamed of it, Vincent Cassies grew to become a canine behaviorist

Vincent Casiez became a dog behavior trainer after a professional career in computer graphics.

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In February 2020, Vincent Cassies, a graphic designer for over 20 years, suffered “burnout”. This forced suspension makes him think about his professional future. ” I’ve always lived with dogs since I was little, it was a family culture. I had dogs of different breeds, I had them pass the obedience certificate. »

During this period he was offered a job as a spotter at the French Savate Boxing Club in Laventie and he enjoyed teaching. One thing follows another, and supported by his wife, his project comes to light. Vincent has two female dogs: Luna, a 12-year-old French Bulldog, and Tiga, a 12-month-old Beauceron. He helps many dog ​​owners for free in social groups, offering dog walks and giving advice to others. ” And it was during the Salon du livre at La Couture that I made a crucial meeting in the person of Bernard Beons, dog trainer at Chapelle d’Armentières, who signed his autobiographical book for me. He tells me that at the Tilloy-lès-Mofflaines high school, training for the profession of dog trainer will be set up. I am contacting Transition Pro, an organization dedicated to vocational retraining. My file has been accepted. This is a post-baccalaureate study, I ended up in October 2020 with a 20-year-old! And if I failed, I could return to my position. »

The necessary internships between Merville, Mons-en Pévèle and Villeneuve-d’Ascq allowed him to develop his skills, gain confidence and gain real know-how. And it was on October 14, 2021, holder of a state diploma, that he began his activity, interspersed with home visits: ” word of mouth works very well. He gives group lessons on Sunday mornings every two weeks at his home, with a maximum of eight dogs per session.

During visits, he first offers a behavioral assessment, followed by individual education sessions and rehabilitation for “difficult” dogs. It suggests educating yourself, creating a relationship, having a real connection with the animal and always being attentive to it. Vincent Cassiez also practices zootherapy with his mediator dog, with the elderly and also with children to work on mobility, memory and well-being.

He is also a spokesperson for PECCRAM (an educational program for children) that makes them respect, understand dogs and avoid the risk of accidents.

Contact: 06 50 83 51 89. [email protected] On Facebook: Vincent Casiez Dog Trainer

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