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SESSION 2022-2023


The region intervenes in favor of high school students who want to integrate the high-level sector in metropolitan France.

This system, which is part of an approach to excellence in sports practice, aims to enable young local athletes with real potential to reconcile their secondary studies with a high-level sports career.

Also, the intervention methods are established in such a way as to take into account the limitations related to playing sports at a high level.

Indeed, such a career perspective implies financial resources disproportionate to traditional studies, both for trips outside the institution (training and competitions), specific equipment and clothing, as well as special nutrition and food for follow-up.

Moreover, regular rejuvenation of the family is necessary for these young people who are subject to a high pace of work throughout the year, both in terms of academic rhythm and in terms of the sports performance to be achieved.

This system is part of an approach to excellence in sports practice by promoting, on the one hand, the mobility of athletes in their high level access projects in continental France and, on the other hand, enabling young local athletes with real potential to be able to combine their secondary studies with high sports career.


Regional aid is awarded to high school students for the entire duration of their course (limited to 3 years).

This aid can be renewed in case only one repetition during the entire high school program).

The allocated amounts depend on the gross total income of the household and are divided into three parts:

flat-rate assistance determined according to family resources,

- annual lump sum for school fees,

- fixed allowance for installation costs (1st year only).

The possibility of financing one plane ticket per year on a return flight Metropolitan / Reunion / Metropolitan, during the schooling period, based on a lump sum of €800 for family resources (Maximum and not combined with the territorial continuity scheme), as well as a one-way ticket for the first per year based on a lump sum of €400 (maximum and cannot be combined with the territorial continuity scheme).

Airline tickets are paid for:

- with the presentation of a school certificate,

- upon presentation of a paid invoice,

- with a ceiling of €800 for a return ticket (from metropolitan France),

- with a ceiling of €400 for a one-way ticket (departure from Reunion),

- without accumulation with a system of territorial continuity,

- once a year.

Implementation of a systematic control between the services of territorial continuity and the sports service to avoid the risk of double compensation


- Be a high school student of French nationality,

- be an athlete of good regional level (confirmation of local league contribution) or registered on a national high level list,

- Continue secondary studies in the field of sports in metropolitan France, especially in sports sectors that do not exist in the Réunion Academy,

- Explain the address of the parents in Reunion for at least 3 years (after submitting the tax opinion from

parents N-1 and N).

[Dans les cas de non cumul indiquer :]

- They undertake that you will not benefit from any other aid or subsidy for the same project. The applicant is informed that the community reserves the right to make any useful checks with the relevant institutions.

- commit

that they do not deal with salary during their education

Commit to regularly monitoring their year in high school.

The user undertakes to inform the Region of any change, abandonment or unjustified incidents


to pay all or part of the compensation in case of termination of education

Note: These obligations

will only be taken if the applicant is offered a supplement.

In case of non-compliance with one of these conditions, the aid cannot be granted or the aid must be returned within one month if the amount has already been paid.

In case of non-fulfillment of one of these conditions, the decision on refusal or annulment will be made by the president or another person who has a delegation. 4- TERMS OF AID PAYMENT:

Regional aid is paid in two parts by bank transfer according to the following methods:

70% upon presentation of a school certificate at the beginning of the year,

30% upon presentation of a new school certificate, which is submitted from the beginning of the school year in January, or a transcript of grades from the second or third trimester.


In order for the request to be processed, the following documents must be submitted:

1. – Confirmation of registration at a school in Metropolitan France and at a recognized high level training center by the Ministry of Sports and/or confirmation of registration on a national high level list,

2. – Parents’ income tax application for year N-1 and N,

3. – Recent bill (water, electricity, telephone, internet younger than 6 months or

proof of residence)

4. – Data on the bank account of the legal representative, or RIB of the minor user

with a power of attorney (signed by the legal guardian).

5. – Personal document of the child.

6. – Copy of the family book.

Department of Sports and Association

Mrs. Natacha GALAS or Mr. Yannis RACINE

Regional House of Science and Technology

Technopole of Saint-Denis

0262 48 73 01 / 02 62 48 78 95 3, Rue Serge Ycart 97490 Saint-Denis

Place where the grant application can be submitted:

online file

INDICATIVE SEQUENCE OF DRIVING:Information in the press and on the website of the Regional Council of La Reunion

Registration period:

from July 12, 2022 to November 30, 2022

on the website of the Regional Council of La Reunion 6- POSSIBLE PAYMENT OF AID:

The region reserves the right to return all or part of the individual aid in the event of:

failure to comply with one of the user's obligations or provisions related to this document

fraud or negligence that resulted in an unjustified payment

wrong payment of aid by the community

In this case, the user has one month to pay the due amount.

The Region reserves the right to continue monitoring the good use of funds by any body authorized for this purpose by the President of the Region. Link to the portal for online procedures: Click here

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