Psychological harassment: Joane Turgeon expelled from College of Montreal

Psychologist and lecturer Joane Turgeon has been suspended from the University of Montreal after our Bureau of Investigation found she was fired from her SOS abusive marriage following allegations of workplace harassment.

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“MI Turgeon was notified during the day [mercredi] The University of Montreal has been suspended until it can carry out the necessary investigations to clarify the situation,” said Geneviève O’Meara, a spokeswoman for the university.

A Quebec reference in domestic and psychological violence, guest expert in several media and courts, Joane Turgeon taught for thirty years at the Faculty of Continuing Education. He was at the top of the course again this fall Domestic and spousal violence.

However, our Bureau of Investigation revealed on Wednesday that Joane Turgeon manipulated and humiliated at least three women who worked with her while she was CEO of abusive marriage SOS. About two dozen people have agreed to testify on condition of anonymity about his problematic behavior over the years.

Joane Turgeon, in her position since 2008, was fired in 2017 after an external investigation into dozens of incidents of workplace harassment spread over two years. The University of Montreal was unaware of these claims.

Currently, the 67-year-old psychologist denies all the charges against him. Instead, he claims he was the victim of psychological pressure from subordinates who conspired to fire him by lying.

In the media

In the years following her dismissal, Joane Turgeon continued to lead a brilliant career in the public sphere. In 2019, he participated in a documentary film Face the monsters Ingrid Falaise, SOS abusive marriage spokesperson from 2015 to 2018.

“The first thing I want to do is believe the victims,” ​​said the actress, who claims she never witnessed a gesture of aggression by Joane Turgeon.

Ingrid Falaise, however, distanced herself from Joane Turgeon after becoming aware of some of his problematic behavior in recent years. This caveat would have encouraged him not to retain his services for the two sequels to his documentary.

Confidential request

It is not known whether the order of psychologists, of which Joane Turgeon is a member, intends to review this file, and the syndicate’s office investigations are confidential.

“So the trustee can investigate the information as it comes to their attention,” said Krystelle Larouche, the organization’s communications adviser.

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