“No place within the grasp”, Rose and Sana have been despatched to varsity greater than 900 km away from house

Their names are Rose and Sana. Both of these students from Lyon received their licenses last June. One is psychology, the other is law. But until today, they cannot return to the University of Lyon 2, which does not have a place for them in the master’s program.

Rose Dubs and Sana Madrane started their higher studies with great motivation. Despite the challenges they face, they don’t have to be ashamed of their education. Sana averaged 11 at the end of the License and Rose’s 14.5 earned her a “Good” rating.

Therefore, they do not understand why they are rejected today when they enter a master’s degree at the University of Lyon2. They consider themselves victims of an arbitrary selection system. Also, I feel a lot of disgust in the responses of the University.

Despite the application procedure to the Rector, the University of Lyon 2 offers them directions to other licenses : the risk for him is significant: losing a year in his university career. They are also advised to go to other universities far away from home, for example Brest. Brest is 975 km from Lyon: how to cope with this move and life change?

They can also enroll in more expensive courses. Solutions they reject because they are all beyond their financial means.

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Faced with an administration indifferent to their arguments, Rose and Sana joined the Sans Facts collective, backed by the student unions UNEF and Solidaires. Several hundred students in France and several dozen students in Lyon came forward to voice their orientation problems. Mobilizations that succeeded in solving the orientation difficulties of several hundred students last year. But according to unions, these barriers to orientation affected more than 9,000 students in 2020. They are therefore calling on the government and university presidents for quick solutions to create more places in the most in-demand masters.

This problem of selection in admission to master’s degree is known and recognized by university officials. Rector of the University of Lyon Like Sylvie Retailleau, the Minister of Universities who traveled to Lyon on September 2, 2022, she recognizes the reality of blocked situations.

But in Lyon 2, we only pretend to manage the lack of University facilities. In the most in-demand fields, such as law and psychology, there would be a shortage of several dozen places in Lyon alone. That is, an additional budget, to cope with the increase in the number of students.

According to the minister, the solution does not involve increasing resources. The project consists of changing the selection system to improve the orientation of all students entering the master’s degree. Next year, some kind of platform can be created so that master’s places are not left vacant at certain universities when other institutions refuse students.

I’m not sure if that kind of platform reassures students on the ground today. None other than the unions are hoping that the level of mobilization in the weeks will move university leaders as well as the government.

They joined the “Sans Fac” collective demonstrating this morning in front of Lyon 2 University in the hope of getting the education they want.

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