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New household portal: dad and mom in Pamiers should e-book and prepay on-line

On August 8, a new family portal began to work. From now on, Appamean parents will be required to book and prepay dining and reception services online at least 8 days in advance. A credit system will be created in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Fifteen days later he is back at school. And in Pamiers it would rhyme with a little revolution for parents. Designed to anticipate the workforce and combat multiple unpaid bills, the Family Portal has been completely redesigned this summer. From now on, it will be necessary to register and make a prepayment online at least eight days before the required service, whether it is a canteen, a school holiday reception (Alaé) or a vacation without accommodation (ALSH) reception on Wednesdays and holidays. “The previous portal was neither functional nor intuitive. Some parents had trouble completing their booking, especially when it came to paying. From now on, the work is easier, smoother and clearer,” said Michel Rolet, Deputy Mayor for Education, whose teams have been working all summer to make this new support work.

Simply scan the QR code that appears on the back-to-school information brochures or go directly to:

This has been the case since August 8th. Last year, the municipality was faced with unpaid bills amounting to 100,000 euros. For the first eight months of 2022, we are talking about 29,000 euros. Reservations and prepayments should allow the families of 1,062 registrants, 90% of whom eat at the canteen. The catering service ranked third in Occitania, in particular for a large share of organic and local products: 60%. “This visibility for a maximum of 8 days will allow you to adjust the correct number of meals and thus avoid losses,” says Michel Rolet.

Automatic increase in the coefficient of a good family

But in case of a fever, last minute obstacles, family problems? Thus, families have already paid for a service that will not be consumed. “Within these three services, a credit system will operate,” said Magali Terrail, director of the department for working with children and youth. It is clear that food that was not accepted at the Canonges school for reasons X or Y can be accepted on Wednesday at the Las Parets Leisure Centre. But this system of regulation works only for a limited period of time. Therefore, it is not recommended to book for a year.

Another important benefit of this new program is the interaction with the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), which allows you to automatically enter your family coefficient. Privacy guaranteed. “Prior to this, 84% of parents did not give what they needed or did not know about it. And some paid the full price precisely because they did not know him. With the new pricing that we have introduced, 67% of families have reduced their expenses,” continues the Vice Mayor. The most distressed households, who sometimes have a habit of leaving their children in the canteen despite no reservations, will continue to be referred to the Community Center for Social Action (CCAS) for better care.

From now on, it is imperative that parents do their homework before the start of the school year. Hundreds of families have already taken this step after receiving an email from the mayor’s office. “Alaé directors will know when there is no registration and will not hesitate to contact you. They have a digital tablet to show how it works. And if it is necessary to deploy terminals on Alae, we will see it,” emphasizes Magali Terrail.

How it works ?

The new family portal is available at Posters with a QR code have been placed in schools. All you have to do is flash it on your smartphone to be on the home page of the site. Therefore, the creation of a personal account that works with the CAF interface is necessary. In addition to registering at the canteen, Alai and recreation centers without accommodation, families will be able to find a lot of information, such as the schedule of events or phone numbers where they can contact the directors of the structures. For residents who do not have access to a computer, there are two solutions: go to the Children’s and Youth Service desk (Maternyte st. 5, second floor), where two terminals are available free of charge. These people can be recommended by Ana and Sandrine, the territorial agents of the mayor’s office. “We maintain human contacts: we continue to accompany them, to train them,” Michel Rolet insists. In addition, there is also an information reception area next to the municipal police, where several computers are available to residents with staff experienced with the Family Portal.

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