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Narbonne: unions name to take to the streets for a day of normal strike on 29 September

For wages, pensions, stipends and social minimums, the unions CGT, FSU and Solidaires are calling for an inter-professional mobilization on Thursday 29 September.

“To talk about the end of abundance is to close our eyes to the material reality of many French men and women!”, says Dominique Blanche, local and departmental representative of the FSU union. “Despite the emergency measures this summer, we are below expectations given current inflation: the purchasing power of workers and pensioners is still lower,” adds Bruno Deseure for the local Union CGT. we’ll find out, “the protection of wages and pensions and other distribution of wealth”, will be at the heart of the mobilization on September 29, Thursday. For unions, “the counter-reforms of unemployment insurance, social security and pensions are a revelation of achievements. And the future finance law will further reduce public services. However, we do not forget that companies have increased their profits by 24% at CAC 40 “.

There is money for financing

With galloping inflation, “the growing gap between wages and pensions relative to living standards is becoming unacceptable”. Especially since “Pensions Orientation Council’s 2021 report shows there is money to fund pensions”, unions emphasize. “Falling wages mean jobs are no longer attractive and we are seeing a recruitment crisis, such as in hospitals and teaching.” The remedy according to the speakers: “Significant wage increases for all, even loss catch-up and wages indexed to inflation.”

Demonstration for all “rejecting the roller of neoliberalism”

Speakers want too “give an ecological dimension to the demonstration: Shell and Total explode their prices and profit from the crisis. We want more justice in the distribution of efforts!”. And they don’t forget about gender equality, casually mentioning it “All part-time and low-paid jobs are female: chaperones for students with educational disabilities, nurses, carers, domestic helpers, cleaners in the public sector, cashiers in the private sector. Also regarding claims: “Smic on 2000 €, 32 hours of work per week and retirement at 60”.

To all of these “who refuse the steamroller of neoliberalism”, unions meet in the street Thursday, September 29, from 11 in the morning in front of the sub-prefecture 37 boulevard de Gaulle. A procession will leave for the Palais du travail with a planned stop in front of the town hall. In advance, the unions will hold a general meeting at the Labor Exchange at 9:30 a.m.

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World Abortion Rights Day

Wednesday, September 28, CGT, Sud, FSU and Collectif féministe narbonnais call for a new mobilization: a rally as part of the World Abortion Rights Day will be organized in 6 in the evening in front of the town hall. “All women but men are welcome.”

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