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“Let’s make Brussels a metropolis for youngsters”

Therefore, this week will be an opportunity to highlight initiatives improving children’s mobility and children’s inclusion in public space. The central theme of this week in Brussels is “For a child-friendly city”. During this Mobility Week, children are really in the center of attention in Brussels.

“A city can only benefit everyone if its children can move freely and safely. A certain degree of independence, carefree outdoor play and sufficient movement are essential for children to grow up healthy and happy. And happy, thriving children in public spaces are in turn essential to a healthy city. Currently, public space in Brussels too often requires children to sacrifice their autonomy and outdoor play. The balance is lost: the importance given to motorized transit traffic leaves too little room for our most important Brussels citizens – the youngest. ‘, can we read in the Mobility in Brussels fact sheet.

Which shows that nearly 70% of public spaces are suitable for cars and pose a danger to children.

Among the 1,219,970 inhabitants of the Brussels metropolitan region, 275,563 are aged between 0 and 17 years. They represent 22% of the capital’s residents and have specific mobility needs and rights. The Brussels region also has many schools with a total of 55,000 children in nurseries, nearly 100,000 students in primary education and 106,000 in secondary education2. A total of more than 260,000 children and young people who collectively make over 2.5 million journeys from home to school every week, not counting their other daily journeys.

90% of students car-free by 2030

Today in the Brussels region, 62% of students at primary level and 84% at secondary level travel (home-school) other than by car at least 1 day out of 2. Mobility in Brussels aims to increase these levels to 70% respectively and 90% by 2030. Bruxelles Mobilité’s vision for school mobility in Brussels is: “Schools move actively and in total safety”.

This means that children should be able to move actively – on foot, by bike or by public transport – in complete safety, from their home to the school gate. These ambitions are in line with the goals of the Good Move plan to move towards more active mobility for everyone, including children, which also enables them to improve their concentration, health and autonomy.

“Walk of Fame”

Alongside the usual actions such as “To work without a car” and “Walk, bike, to school”, Brussels Mobility organizes a “Walk of Fame”.

Several Brussels schools with a school street will take advantage of the mobility week to show their students the pride of coming to school by adopting an active form of transport. To honor these young day laborers, they will paint a “Walk of Fame” on the sidewalk, like the Hollywood stars.

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