Le Nouvelliste | 26 Haitian students on their strategy to Taiwan

The ceremony was held in the presence of Yvrose Green, Director of Culture, Representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Axena Joseph, Chief of Staff, Representative of the Minister of Planning and Foreign Cooperation, Representative of the Minister of National Education and Vocational Training and Etzer Emile, President of the Taiwan Alumni Association.

It has been two decades since there has been academic and university cooperation between Haiti and the Republic of China (Taiwan), which has enabled more than 265 Haitian students to start or continue their university studies at the best Taiwanese universities, thanks to two scholarship programs. And this year, as part of bilateral cooperation in 2022, a cohort of 26 young Haitians will leave the country. Four already left on Tuesday, August 23, and the other 22 will leave the country on September 7.

Taiwanese Ambassador Wen-jiann KU, in his speech on the circumstances, insisted that the quota of scholarships awarded to Haitians has been increased by about 12% this year. “This is an opportunity to point out with great pleasure that the scholarship quota for Haitian students has been increased this year, i.e. by 3 places more compared to 2021, which represents an increase of “around 12%” Mr. Ku said.

He also took the opportunity to congratulate the new scholars and ask them not to forget their goal. “You must never lose sight of the fact that the scholarship you receive today, in addition to rewarding your personal efforts, is a guarantee of success for your future that should encourage you to constantly strive for excellence in order to succeed in all areas of your life. “said Mr. KU. And it was also an opportunity to remind that by awarding these scholarships, Taiwan has no intention of stealing the gray matter of our country and that these scholarship holders are obliged to return. “The Republic of China (Taiwan) has no intention of depriving you of the best talents in your country, rather it has chosen to accompany them for several years, aware that they have a role to play in the development and succession of their country. . They will return better armed to be ready to serve Haiti,” said the Taiwanese ambassador.

The president of the Taiwan Alumni Association, economist Etzer Emile, did not hide his pleasure to have participated in this program and wanted to congratulate the new scholars, giving them advice based on his experience in Taiwan. “Expand your entourage, make friends from Taiwan, it’s already one of the sure ways to better master this new language,” said Etzer Emile, who remains convinced that these students will be able to do honor to the Haitian nation and return to serving the country acquired knowledge.

The 26 scholarship winners for 2022 are: BEAUZILE Melissa, CHARLES Josué, HORTES Sley, JEAN-CADET Loudjina Laissa, OCTA Annachelle Jovanah, PHILOTEQUE Kernst Burry, RIGAUD Neil Taison, SAUSEL Sania, Roberts Josue, P. Hergust, DADE Kesly-Lionel , AZOR Medjina Agar, JEAN-PIERRE Romuald Thierry, BEAUCICOT Lovenson, ALABRE Rithshi, SANON Stanley Alex Edgard, ALISMA Jubens, BIGORE Carl Roodshell Peggy, JOSEPH Stanley L, NESTENER Shevil Stanley L. , STAY Osmarly, Maisonneuve Andessna.

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