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A study by a major technology company estimates that in 2030, 85% of the jobs students will be doing today will not yet exist.1. André Raymond, director of the Professional Development Service at Université Laval, notes: “The labor market is changing rapidly and continuing education is a simple and accessible way to acquire the skills required when new opportunities arise.” How to take advantage of the nearly 400 professional development programs and activities offered by the institution.

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André Raymond, director of the Professional Development Service at Laval University

To advance your career

Continuing education can be part of a short-term or long-term strategy to obtain the prerequisites for a promotion, a lateral change within the organization, or a change in career direction. “Many companies are willing to take a chance on a team member who doesn’t necessarily have all the skills to step into a new role, but is willing to undergo the necessary training to improve their skills,” Andre exemplifies. Raymond.

Attract, develop and retain talent

It is wrong to believe that after investing in employee training, they will leave the organization and work for a competitor. “Professional development improves the sense of competence and recognition by the greater company, two key elements for staff mobilization and retention,” explains Andre Raymond. Being able to rely on versatile people who can perform multiple roles at the same time provides greater flexibility in the face of unexpected situations.

6 ways to learn

1. Development activities

These short courses (from a few hours to a few days) serve as an introduction to various subjects such as management methods. Lean Management, strategic writing and emotional intelligence. After this taste, it is easy to continue your journey by following an in-depth program.

2. Online courses are open to everyone

Also called MOOCs (massive open online competition), this free study formula is perfect for self-taught people who demonstrate seriousness and discipline. This allows you to deepen your knowledge without the need for recognition of your new knowledge.

3. Nanoprograms

Each nanoprogram is an intensive course similar to a credit university course and takes place over several months. These courses include both modules to be completed at your own pace and synchronous courses marked by interaction with the teacher and other students.

4. Projects for the future

This formula invites employers to integrate a “research and development” component in response to specific social challenges within their team’s one- or two-year master’s program. This approach involves an applied research project within the company as an implementation of artificial intelligence in its operations.

5. Programs 1er and 2e circuits

These credit programs allow you to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree while balancing work, study, and personal life thanks to flexible schedules and teaching methods.

6. Company training

Some training can be tailored to the realities, needs and specific goals of the company and offered as a private group. Others are important to any organization because they provide the basics of universal topics such as cyber security or sexual and gender diversity.


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