Jean Monnet College updates its coaching supply

Jean goes back to school at Monnet University. As every 5 years, 2022 marks the year of complete renewal of the training offer with new courses and others developing. Still in the context of sufficient public funding…

The future Tréfilerie campus. ©Gautier+Conquet architects.

We continue to make strong strategic choices and will continue to do soassured Florent Pigeon, president of the University of Saint-Étienne Jean Monnet. It seems important to me to mention that these options are supported by Hcéres (Supreme Committee on the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education, editor’s note) produced an analysis that applauded these choices. » Among the weak points highlighted in this Hcéres report are continuing education and sufficient public funding, which should be further developed. The strengths analysis highlights the faculty’s quality research program. And like every 5 years, this beginning of the academic year marks the evolution and renewal of the training offer offered by the institution.

Training “according to professional matters”

This five-year cycle is when we take stock and propose new paths and evolutions of existing ones.Alain Trouillet, UJM’s vice-president for training and international relations, recalls. We polled content for better professional placement rates.” Thus, the Acces Santé license is now open at the Roanne campus and about thirty students are enrolled. The law school also overhauled its offering of specialized law masters in justice, litigation and procedure, introducing one with an HR and social law course in business law and another in public law. European international law. Master 2 “computer music director” and “digital art director” become a master of “modern creativity and new technologies”.

The works will make it possible to turn the page of paved campuses with large car parks.

Florent Pigeon, President of Jean Monnet University.

An opening for international

In addition, three new international master’s degrees have been created. One in the field of sports, the second in the field of law, and the third in the field of translation. In total, Jean Monnet University has 6 masters abroad, representing 200-300 students depending on the year. ” Last year, we accepted 2,400 foreign students, which is not far from the pre-crisis level., notes Alain Trouillet. In addition, 80 Ukrainian students will join the university this fall. An ever-changing number, as the vice president for training and international relations points out, is the difficulty of men leaving the country: so they come in dribs and drabs.

5750 euros per student

Thanks to ongoing work, Florent Pigeon also “ that campuses are attractive with these new opportunities. The performed works will allow us to turn the page of asphalt towns with large parking lots.” But the university still has the problem of sufficient funding from the state. The SCSP (public service fee grants) awarded to the 37 multidisciplinary universities with medical faculties is €5,750 per student, against an average of €7,290. This means a deficit of 1,540 euros per student. Stefan Riou, vice president of the board of directors and means, explains that the dialogue with the ministry continues. Following management dialogue, the University received an additional amount of approximately €600,000 from the SCSP, part of which is not permanent over time.

We live with it, years passed, like other universitieshe continues. This allowed us to develop resilience and the ability to find resources. Even if the lack of personnel and the energy crisis are different topics in the context of energy saving, these are qualities.” The president clarified that after two years of Covid, there are no plans to close the facility for even two weeks to conserve energy.

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