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Homeschooling Youngsters with Disabilities: You have to return your copy – Faire Face

Parents who want to homeschool in the 2022/2023 school year must apply for permission before May 31. After that, it will be too late to get the essential consent from National Education.

And a new administrative approach! Another one for parents of children with disabilities who have made the choice – often forced – to provide education at home. Until now, family education was a right for all children, with or without disabilities. Therefore, it was enough to send an information letter to the town hall and to the academic management. From the beginning of the 2022 academic year, it becomes necessary to obtain them “permission” National Education for Family Education (IEF).

Disability, ground for permission

“Child’s medical condition or disability” is one of the four grounds for permission set out in the August 2021 law. Fortunately, as for many parents of children with disabilities, home education has become essential after the failure of school.

However, they must complete a Cerfa form and attach several documents: an identity document for the child and the persons responsible for him; proof of address; and the Commission on the Rights and Autonomy of Persons with Disabilities (CDAPH) decisions on school careers (see box below) or, if still undecided, the medical certificate you provided to MDPH in your application file.

Permit for three years

The Academic Director of the National Education Services (Dasen) will then send the medical certificate in a sealed envelope to the school doctor. It remains for the latter to give an opinion on the request. Dasen must give its response within two months. Beyond this period his silence is worth accepting. The permit may be granted for a maximum duration of three academic years, renewable as needed.

Full permission for children already at home

“I don’t expect many rejection problems in the next few years, predicted Marion Aubrey, vice president of the Toupi Association. Many families have statutory permission until 2024 if their child has already been in IEF. »

Parents who have already provided home schooling in 2021/2022 benefit from automatic permission for 2022/2023 and 2023/2024, once the results of their most recent educational verification are deemed sufficient. It is not necessary for them to provide a decision from the HCCA or a medical certificate. They just need to fill out a specific Cerfa form.

An important step for Cned

In addition, the permission granted by Dasen to study a disabled child with a family already costs a positive opinion for registration with the National Center for Distance Learning (Cned). “For full class courses with regulated Cned registration you must now apply for permission for family instruction”adds Marion Aubrey.

Limited exemption during the school year

In any case, for 2022-2023, families must submit their application to Dasen before May 31. Then it will be too late. In its opinion on the draft decree, the National Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities expressed regret for this lack of flexibility. “We know that the situation of children with disabilities may require changes during the year”he noted.

However, it will be possible to request an extraordinary permit during the academic year if “reasons related to the child’s state of health or disability (…) appear after the schedule for submitting the application », say the ministry. Or if “the physical or moral integrity of the child is at risk”. This may be the case in the case of bullying or school phobia. What about administrative phobia?

What CDAPH solution?

The wording can be confusing. Yes, the decision of the Commission on the Rights and Autonomy of Persons with Disabilities (CDAPH) regarding the child’s school career must be attached to the request for permission for home education. But no, this is not a homeschooling solution. This is not the responsibility of CDAPH. Any notification (referral to mainstream school, Ulis, IME etc.) will simply serve to verify that the child is indeed recognized as disabled. And that the reason for the impairment of the request for family education is therefore valid.

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