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By Julie Bernard September 12, 2022

What is international mobility assistance?

International Mobility Aid, known by the acronym AMI, is financial support whose goal is to enable students to attend higher education as part of an exchange program or practice abroad for a period of 2 months to 9 consecutive months. It is awarded under conditions, in particular that the student grant is used.

This device is different from Erasmus + scholarship which can be combined with if the student meets the eligibility criteria.

AMI Terms of Use

Aid for international mobility refers to students who wish to obtain higher education abroad, as part of an exchange program or international practice.

In order to receive international mobility assistance, you must meet several mandatory conditions:

To obtain an AMI, a student must contact their institution’s international relations department to collect a file. A plan for a stay or internship abroad must be attached to this file, duly completed, before it is submitted to the competent department.

The application is examined by the president of the university or the director of the institution where the student studies. To make a decision, it relies on two criteria:

  • Educational quality and interest of the individual project presented by the student.
  • Compliance of the project with the international policy of the establishment.

Payment of the AMI grant: for what amount?

The number of approved monthly payments is a decision that falls to the president of the university or the director of the institution. The number of monthly payments varies from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 9 months.

The amount of international mobility assistance is €400 per month. AMI is paid monthly by the institution in France. It is possible to use at least one monthly payment before going abroad.

Good to know: During your studies, you can use international mobility assistance for a maximum of nine months. Therefore, if you did not use all of the AMI during your first claim, you will be able to use this allowance again for the number of months that you did not use.

For example: if you benefited from AMI for 4 months during your 1st year of higher education, you will have 5 months of credit left for the rest of your studies provided you are eligible for International Mobility Grant.


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