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Gers: The primary part of the UNSS for the disabled created on the event of Nationwide Excessive Faculty Sports activities Day.

On the occasion of the National Day of School Sports, this Wednesday, September 21, an agreement was signed between representatives of the National Education, the National Union of School Sports and the Gers Hand Sports Committee to establish the first section of the UNSS Handisport of the Occitania region.

On Wednesday, September 21, in the parking lot of the Mouzon complex, two handbikes are not going very straight. They are accompanied by small children who will try out these three-wheelers for the first time on the occasion of the National School Sports Day. Approximately 300 pupils from the Jean Jaurès School, the Matalin College and the Garros d’Auche High School take part in nine disability sports mornings on this day under the banner of inclusiveness. all.

Laser running (a multi-sport competition consisting of running and shooting with laser weapons), ping pong, tennis, basketball and even fencing are among the disciplines offered for testing. “This day is designed to give students the opportunity to discover these different activities,” explains Julien Pellicer, Director of the National Union of School Sports (UNSS) Gera. It also opens the sports season.”

Outside the multi-purpose hall, students tried out hand bikes.

This Wednesday morning, young people take turns in the various workshops offered by the Gers clubs. Sitting in a wheelchair, two teenage girls try their hand at swordsmanship. Next door, four high schoolers in wheelchairs are taking part in a doubles tennis match.

These sports are usually reserved for people with disabilities. By offering young people the opportunity to engage in these activities, the organizers want to “introduce them to sports for the disabled and to all the values ​​of sport, such as respect, tolerance and perseverance,” adds the department director of the Gersa National Education Service. Farid Jemmal. These are the values ​​that we would like to apply to the school environment.”

signed agreement

And to go further, an agreement was signed between UNSS, National Education and the Departmental Committee for Handsports to establish the first UNSS Handshow Section in the Occitania region. “With 2,000 students, we are the first branch in the region in terms of licensees,” Julien Pellicer clarifies. “So we also want students with disabilities to be able to participate and engage in physical activity.”

The agreement was signed this Wednesday, September 21st.

The agreement was signed this Wednesday, September 21st.

Thus, one meeting per quarter will be organized so that students with disabilities attending middle or high school can participate in physical activity. The system was running before the Covid-19 crisis and had to be put on hold. “We had about fifty students, but we hope that we can increase the number of participants,” says the director of UNSS in Gers.

An initiative highlighted by Clément Lafitte, President of the Handsports Committee in Geres, who signed the convention: “This measure will probably help attract young people to sports,” he rejoices. be supported to ensure that young people are aware of disability.” In addition, the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024 are on the horizon.

To summarize 30 minutes of daily physical activity

Farid Jemmal also wants to summarize the daily thirty minutes of physical activity in all classes. “These half an hour is added to the time of physical education and sports,” says Dasaeng. “This can happen during recess or even outside school hours.” The kit has already been delivered to schools wishing to implement this measure. “Those are, for example, games that can be organized during breaks,” says Farid Jemmal, who is hosting a meeting this Thursday, September 22, to raise the awareness of inspectors on these issues.

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