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Article updated 16 September 2022 by Fidel Navamuel.

EDUCATION this is an excellent online educational resource offered by the ARTE channel for middle and high schools. Launched in January 2019, it offers themed content (files, videos, worksheets, etc.) to support student learning in grades 6-12.

Designed for teachers of all subjects, librarians and of course students, Educ’ARTE draws on the programs of the ARTE channel to, among other things, awaken young people to the richness of European culture.

As such, Educ’ARTE offers teachers an impressive selection of thematic content that can be integrated into their classroom or distance learning. The site goes far beyond a simple multilingual video library filled with quality online content. It is also a space for educational creativity and exchange.. Opening.

2000 best videos from Arte to enrich your lessons

If video has become the dominant medium when it comes to enriching or illustrating concepts or concepts, finding quality content is not easy. Forget the junk you find on major online video sharing platforms. Save time on preparations, Educ’Arte provides a rich catalog of over 2,000 videos ranging in length from 3 minutes to 3 hours, carefully selected materials of very high quality. Real joy.

When you first connect to the platform, it is this richness that surprises you the most. The real Ali Baba’s cave, which you want to dive into and get lost. But don’t worry. The Educ’Arte team has worked hard to help you navigate these impressive shelves.

art videos

Content is classified by school level, by major subject areas, and then by subject (French, history-geography, SVT, fine arts, foreign languages, etc.). Topics on major current topics are also offered. Of course, you will find videos in French and German, as well as in English, Spanish and Italian.

First of all, the platform offers a particularly fast search engine that will allow you to find videos that suit your needs. You can search by topic or keywords. Once you find your video, you can view it online or download it. Online delivery is fast and high quality.

Tools to adapt Educ’Arte to your educational needs

Educ’Arte could do with this great online video library. It’s not and it’s good. The platform offers additional resources and tools to help you curate Arte content and tailor it to your educational needs.

create video

So you’ll find over a hundred complete study sheets ready to use, as well as dozens of Educ’Arte use cases or even complete educational projects that you can register for in your class.

The European channel site also offers integrated digital tools that are very easy to use. to help you tailor all of this editorial material to your needs. You will find :

  • Tool for create video clips. Simple and effective, this editing table will allow you to highlight an excerpt from a video so that you can use it in a course or presentation to students.
  • Systemvideo annotation. Thus, you can integrate excerpts, text, photos or even sound into videos or into your videos. Again, no technical knowledge is required.
  • BUT mind map editor. The mind map is a format that is on the rise. You will create maps directly from the platform and integrate video clips.


Educ’Arte then allows you to share all of your videos, learning materials, and creations with your students, as well as with other teachers who use the platform. You can even follow the progress of some of them if you like.

An educational platform accessible to the entire institution

Educ’ARTE is available through a subscription to the entire institution. A subscription that will make all platform resources available to all teachers and students. Content can be streamed or downloaded in class, at CDI, or at home.

Students have special access to and benefits from all tools and content to deepen a point of view seen in class, prepare a presentation or assignment, or for their simple pleasure.

Educ’Arte is a true digital gem that puts the quality of European channel content at the service of your educational projects.

Educ’Arte is available through ENT, as well as on computer, tablet and smartphone. The site’s facilitators have made special efforts to educate users. On the Internet, you will find many resources for optimizing the use of the platform. Training webinars are also regularly held.

If you want to know more about the offer and subscription terms, or to get access to test the service, I advise you, just fill out the small form is present on the platform website.

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