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On November 25 and 26, Earth University returns for its seventh edition with a new theme: Life during major transitions.

What is this ?

There are conferences around these climate change and issues affecting our planet. The goal is to bring people from all walks of life together to think together about issues related to ecology. Whether CEOs, members of associations or environmental activists, more than 250 speakers will come together to discuss current environmental issues at UNESCO’s home in Paris.

Which conferences?

You are spoiled for choice: economy, urban planning, food, digital, the topic is explored in all these aspects.

A small anthology that may interest you:

“Women of Climate Change” Women are more affected by climate change, but they also play an important role in the fight to protect the planet. Women explain their commitments, including Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, who is committed to protecting indigenous peoples and fighting climate change, and surfer Maya Gabeira, who holds the record for the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman!
See you on November 25th from 9:30 am 11:00 a.m

“You can learn to change the world! “. Young people know this well. “For Environmental Awakening” and “High Schools in Transition” collectives will be present to share their ideas for action: What can I put in place to make my school greener? How can I integrate my environmental awareness into my first job? And many other questions, with solutions! conference in collaboration with Phosphorus – we will be there to revive it.
See you on November 25 14:30 at 4 p.m

“Guardians of the forest”. Producer Muriel Barra will present her documentary series: 5 representatives of communities living in the heart of forests talk about their relationship with the environment, the threats they face and the solutions they are trying to provide. Among them are Benki Piyako, a representative of the Ashaninka tribe in Brazil, who fights against deforestation, or Mundiya Kepanga, a Papuan chief who defends his culture and way of life in nature.
See you on November 25 from 18:30 to 20:00.

“Blue Gold: Save the Oceans”. Three-quarters of our planet is covered by water, and it is a resource that is subject to many changes: plastic pollution, the disappearance of fauna and flora, and the rise of water levels due to melting ice. So how do we protect our oceans? Speakers such as oceanographer and diver François Sarano will combine their expertise with the more artistic vision of Ballet of Roots and sea, a dance company that raises awareness of climate issues.
See you on November 26 from 14:30 to 16:00.

A full list of interventions and online ticketing can be found HERE. Good news, it’s free for those under 25!

Berangere Duquenne

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