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The leaders of the five major parties slowed down to prepare for Thursday night’s debate.

Lawyer Jonathan Poulain is the Conservative candidate for Boss Court.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Jacques Boissinot

  • Faced with an expected decline in the active population in Levy by 2031, CAQ and Conservative leaders show little concern and continue to advance their respective third tier project.

  • The Liberals posted the 3rd version of their financial structure online, which still contained errors despite being corrected last week due to a $16.3 billion ‘oversight’.

  • François Legault apologized to widower Joyce Echacoin for his remarks during TVA’s Face to Face last Thursday. His opponents criticized him for his lack of sensitivity.

  • in Liberal Party of Quebec filed Tuesday with the Supreme Court to try to reverse the election commissioner’s decision to reject Harley Launsbury’s nomination in the Matane-Matapedia race.

    Question: One of Mr. Lounsbury’s agents in charge of collecting citizen signatures in support of his candidacy forgot to put his initials on his sworn statement.

    An administrative trifle, says PLQ. A matter of fairness and balance, says DGEQ. Judge Clement Samson will have to decide the matter and decide whether Mr. Lounsbury’s name will appear on the ballot or, for the first time in 155 years of history, the Liberal Party will not field a full team of candidates.

  • At the height of the election campaign, new demographic forecasts raise doubts about the relevance of the third link project. Interview with Fanny Tremblay-Rasico, Associate Professor at the National School of Public Administration, who is very critical of François Legault’s actions in this case.

  • No guarantees for Roberge in education

    After hinting that his ” the dream Team “The economy could be renewed in the Council of Ministers in the event of a second CAQ term,” François Legault declined to comment on the future of his outgoing education minister, Jean-Francois Roberge.

    At a press briefing at Lac-Megantic on Tuesday, François Legault felt that his party currently has the best economic trio with Eric Girard of the Treasury Department, Sonia Lebel of the Trezor Council and Pierre Fitzgibbon of the Economy Department.

    Asking questions about the role that outgoing Health Minister Christian Dube will inherit if Quebec Future Coalition was brought back to power, Mr Lego eventually gave in: I wouldn’t worry too much if I was a Christian.

    This is by far the most competenthe added.

    However, when faced with the same questions regarding his outgoing education minister Jean-Francois Roberge, the CAQ leader was more sparing in his comments. Listen, no one has Work guaranteed CAQhe finally said. You are spoiled for choice in education, he explained.

  • In response to the apology made by Chief Kakist François Legault to Carol Dube, husband of Joyce Echakuan, who died under dramatic circumstances in Joliette Hospital, Solidarity QuebecGabriel Nadeau-Dubois, invites him make a little effort stop campaigning without hurting people in Quebec .

    During a media scuffle in Montreal late in the day, Nadeau-Dubois accused the outgoing prime minister of being insensitive to the Aboriginal issue. I think he misunderstands the depth of the wounds that the indigenous peoples of Quebec have experienced and continue to experience. What he spontaneously said in the leaders’ debate was that it was decided. It’s not just a lack of connection, it’s a lack of compassion.

    The Aboriginal issue is a sensitive issue in Quebec.he added. You cannot say anything, at any time. To hurt the family, the community of the dead, I think it’s normal when you’re the Prime Minister of Quebec.

  • François Legault speaks during football practice.

    François Legault held a press conference with Isabelle Charet on the soccer field in Megantic to talk about his sports infrastructure plan.

    Photo: Radio-Canada/Mathieu Potvin

    Leader Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) François Legault intends to launch a project dedicated to the reconstruction and construction of sports and recreational infrastructure throughout Quebec if his party forms the next government.

    Driving through Megantic with outgoing sports minister Isabelle Charest, chef Francois Legault said he would allocate $1.5 billion to the Sports and Physical Activity Development Fund to create a new program for this purpose. This will fund up to 66% of projects, up to 10 million USDcan be read in the press release of the political formation.

    The initiative aims to improve the accessibility of the sport. It has in its attractions sports facilities such as arenas, swimming pools, water centers, multi-sport complexes, gyms, football or basketball fields, tennis courts, curling centers or skate parks.

    This program is intended in particular for municipalities, schools, CEGEP, universities and public organizations. Eligible projects will be evaluated by the Ministry of Education. Entry into force is scheduled for 2023.

  • Three Quebec Party candidates hold a press briefing on rue Saint-Joseph in Quebec.

    Quebec region PQ candidates Mikael Potvin (left), Jeanne Robin (center) and Gabrielle Coulombe (right) unveiled their party’s commitment to keeping commercial arteries alive on Tuesday.

    Photo: Radio-Canada/Bruno Boutin

    in Quebec Party (PQ) is committed to implementing the government’s strategy to revitalize urban and rural centers if it comes to power on 3 October. This was announced by PQ candidates from three Quebec trips. PQ is committed to roll out a government strategy dedicated specifically to city centers and village centers, recognizing “the special status of these strategic locations that play an important social, economic and cultural role.”

    The PQ Revitalization Plan specifically provides for a $50 million per year recurring package to help municipalities implement measures tailored to their needs. These sums can be used, among other things, to beautify the streets or to promote the creation of businesses that complement existing ones.

  • Dominic Anglade is sitting and holding a microphone.

    Chef Dominique Anglade was invited to dinner Tuesday at the Montreal Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

    Photo: Canadian Press/Graham Hughes

    Liberal leader Dominique Anglade, who took part in a dinner hosted by the Montreal Chamber of Commerce this afternoon, appeared very calm during the exercise, more natural, taking on a more personal tone, succumbing to the game without notes. Are we seeing a change in the politician’s tone?

    What you see there is the Dominica that people encounter on a daily basis, that they encounter on the bus, that they encounter in my meetings with my colleagues. […] This is the Dominic you see, and he is the one I want to introduce to all the people of Quebec.she said.

    Why does she appear on the 24th day of the campaign? I don’t know how to answer your question. Maybe we put too many barriers in media politics in general. Often they say to me: “Dominic, we want to see the one we see every day.” Maybe it’s what you saw that I need to showshe answered.

    Ms. Anglade clarified that the revival of the party, which she speaks of, refers to recent years. I am not Philippe Couillard, not Jean Charest, and not Robert Bourassa. I am Dominic. That’s who I am. There is no need to compare me with the people who preceded me. I am who I am and this is what I present to the people of Quebec today.she explained.

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