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The municipalities of Geneva are launching a communication campaign. Four color posters entitled My Commune – My Everyday Life. The goal: to show what services they provide for the population.

The municipalities of Geneva are launching a communication campaign. Four color posters entitled My Commune – My Everyday Life. With the help of icons, they show the services provided to the population. The maintenance of parks, early childhood, solidarity with the elderly or even extracurricular activities are the responsibility of municipal authorities. The campaign also aims to show the canton the actions of the 45 municipalities during the discussion on the distribution of tasks. The President of the Association of Municipalities in Geneva, Guibert von Lanten.

A website detailing municipal services. Geneve-communes.ch

“The campaign highlights the services provided to residents,” noted Gilbert von Lanten, president of the Association of Municipalities of Geneva. Municipalities are the closest level to residents and this first-ever campaign aims to remind them.

Financial equalization

The posters are available in four colors and allow you to see the multitude of services at a glance. The Chairman of the ACG recalled the existence of inter-municipal funds, which enable the financing of schools, public institutions and after-school care. A total of 200 million francs distributed each year thanks to inter-municipal equalization.

The rich give to the less fortunate. During the discussion about the distribution of tasks between the canton and the municipalities, it is important to remind the state, according to Gilbert von Lanten.

Parks and waste collection

Parks and public places, garbage collection are tasks undertaken by the municipalities. This represents 65 parks. 180,000 tons of household waste are treated every year by the local authorities in 800 ecopoints. On the part of the Municipal Police, 360 employees guard. Other tasks undertaken, solidarity with the elderly, civil status, but also 80% of the road network and 100% in the city of Geneva, which represents 1500 kilometers of roads and cycle paths for maintenance.

Elementary schools

Another big load, school buildings. Indeed, the primary schools in the canton are built by the municipalities, which represents a significant expense. Between 1.5 and 2 million per class. Xavier Magnin, Administrative Councilor of Plan-les-Ouates.

The inter-municipal fund for urban development also covers this cost.

Sports and culture

In terms of sports and culture, local authorities play an important role. Administrative Advisor in charge of Finance, Alfonso Gomez.

It is important for the magistrate to remind the population about the role of the municipalities.

Extracurricular and early childhood

Carol-Ann Kast, Administrative Advisor at Onex, noted the municipalities’ participation in after-school care with 27,000 children enrolled. This represents more than 2,000 employees to manage. 80% of the costs are borne by the municipalities and 20% by the parents. The detail with Carol-Ann cast.

Early childhood is also a primary responsibility of municipalities. A nursery place costs 40,000 Swiss francs and 90% of this amount is financed by them. Carol-Ann Cast.

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