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“Communities, let’s act in opposition to gasoline poverty!” »

Since 2020, the economic and health crisis of Covid-19, combined with rising energy prices, has exacerbated energy poverty. In 2022, in the context of geopolitical tensions and war in Ukraine, this health crisis gives way to a major energy and social crisis. An unprecedented situation on a scale that has never been equaled, which hits hard for all French people and even more so for the 12 million people in fuel poverty.

Let us face our responsibilities

Faced with rising energy prices, more and more households are refusing to pay their bills or opting to go without heating to limit costs. This daily reality of the humblest is unbearable. We, local authorities, guarantors of social policies, and especially departments, leaders in the fight against energy poverty, have the responsibility to protect them and help them get out of this impasse. Our mission is to organize prevention so that this unacceptable figure of 12 million finally stops increasing by accelerating the identification of affected households. But also to introduce effective systems, guiding all actors in social action and home renovation and offering support adapted to each person’s situation.

Slime: a solution to action

There are solutions within our reach. This is the case of the Slime program piloted since 2013 by CLER-Réseau for energy transition. Slime is a territorial engineering device based on methodology, tools, funding and support to create in each territory, according to its specificities, an ambitious policy to combat fuel poverty. The principle: coordinate the detection of households, perform a socio-technical diagnosis in their home, then refer them to the appropriate systems and actors, with enhanced support for the most vulnerable households. By centralizing the identification of households, the program facilitates the mobilization of all actors in the territory and the search for solutions adapted to the realities on the ground.

Join the program!

Today, 40 local authorities are already involved in the program and support more than 12,000 households each year. As the urgency for action has never been stronger, we are calling on all local authorities – EPCIs, cities, departments and regions – to join the Slime Programme. Fuel poverty is not inevitable. It is up to us, local authorities, to take up the challenge of social justice and decent housing for all.

List of subscribers to this forum:

  • Olivier Capitano, President of the Val de Marne Departmental Council
  • Jean-Luc Glaizet, President of the Gironde Departmental Council
  • Olivier Richefou, President of the Departmental Council of Mayenne
  • Francois Quilandre, Mayor of Brest and President of Brest Métropole
  • Maël de Calan, President of the Departmental Council of Finistère
  • Carol Delga, President of the Occitania Regional Council
  • Jean-Pierre Chabria, Regional Councilor in charge of Higher Education, Research and Energy Transition of the Regional Council of La Réunion
  • Muriel Cherrier, Vice-President responsible for integration, housing and habitat of the Aude departmental council.
  • Laure Curvale, Vice-President in charge of ecological transition and heritage of the Gironde departmental council
  • Jérôme Alemany, Vice-President in charge of local social action, integration and the fight against exclusion in the Loire-Atlantique department
  • Christian Bastide, Deputy Vice-President for Habitat, Housing and Urban Renewal of the Gard Departmental Council
  • Anne Voituriez, Deputy Vice-President of Housing and Habitats of the European Metropolis of Lille
  • Pascal Pras, Vice President of Sustainable Urban Planning, Urban Projects and Housing at Nantes Métropole
  • Sylvie Guignard, Vice-President responsible for housing, urban policy and prevention of the Saint-Brieuc Armor agglomeration
  • Jean-Luc Guyet, Vice President in charge of housing and urban planning of the urban community Lamballe Terre & Mer
  • Nicolas Cada, Vice-President responsible for housing of the Community of Municipalities Couesnon Marches de Bretagne
  • René-Pierre Halter, Vice-President responsible for energy and mobility of the Community of the municipalities of Crestois and Pays de Saillans-Coeur de Drôme
  • Annaïck Chauvet, deputy in charge of energy transition, buildings and technical resources for the city of Besançon
  • Maria Da Silva, Deputy Mayor of the city of Montfermeil
  • Guillaume Coutey, Mayor of Malaunay and Departmental Councilor of Seine Maritime

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