College: why shut examination classes may be harmful?

Is it helpful to close the exam sessions? No! This is a very dangerous reform even for young people in the university!

Is it appropriate to move exam sessions closer to each other when it is difficult to integrate the courses as a whole? The answer is no! MCE TV explains everything to you from A to Z.

University: the new calendar that gets people talking

Ah exams… They have the gift of scaring young people by bringing them a good deal of stress and anxiety. However, they are more than necessary for the development of others and validate learning skills.

This is the reason why many people look at the topic. Starting with Pieter Lagrou, professor of history at ULB, who conducted research on the smooth running of exams…

In an article published in Le Soir on September 19, 2002, he admitted that he was in favor of creating a new calendar of higher education. In other words, he wants rapproach exam sessions at the university.

Several of his colleagues approved this project. But according to our colleagues from Le Soir, this reason would be strategic. So we can read the following reason:

“The attitude of colleagues to these proposals regarding the reform of compulsory education is explained by the problems they will face in their personal lives. And that’s if their schedules don’t match their kids’…”

But be careful! Know that the calendar of university exams is not determined randomly. Indeed, several psychologists have explained that it is important for the well-being of young people not to close supervision.

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Why is this dangerous?

A final “rest” p phase is neededto fully understand their lessons and memorize everythingr. Therefore, this calendar should not be changed in order to properly impart solid knowledge.

Pieter Lagrou’s research highlights that “ Even if there are two sessions in a row, the topic is still in his mind… However, if he comes after six or eight months, everything has to be started from scratch. And it’s been so long that it’s impossible to invest for others.”

But according to experts, it is necessary! All the knowledge that young people need to memorize at university could be neglected. Be aware of reconciliation of controls it can even be very dangerous.

Because if the exams followed each other like this, the young people would study mercilessly without even remembering. So the courses will no longer have the same flavor. They can even be superficial.

Especially for subjects like physics and mathematics that need more understanding than rote memorization. So you got it! Therefore it is necessary more time to be able to practice without mistakes.

That is why it is so important to encourage good memorization at university. For this reason, it is better to forget about courses measured in “pages”.

Oh yes! Therefore, it does not have a positive effect in memory of the students. It is better to forget this method! It is superficial and even too reductive. One thing is certain, Pieter Lagrou’s research is far from gaining unanimous support!

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