College: what establishments are planning towards the power disaster?

Faced with the energy crisis that increasingly worries the French, what does every university plan to do? We tell you everything!

More and more universities are taking radical decisions to reduce energy costs. The energy crisis has never been so worrying! MCE TV explains everything to you from A to Z.

The energy crisis disrupts the daily life of students

The increase in energy prices this winter scares all French people. Even if the amounts increase in 2021, they have never been higher.

We have to believe that the Ukraine crisis and climate conditions have only added fuel to the fire. So that’s the reason for campuses start making big decisions.

This is the work of the University of Strasbourge is closing its doors sooner than expected. Michel Deneken, president of the Strasbourg school, first announced it on Monday, September 19.

According to him, it is important to close the buildings and cut off the heat in order not to have a large account : “The first week of January will be the closing week. Therefore, 4 days off for students (holidays from the evening of December 16 to the morning of Monday, January 9). No lessons will be given. »

“The beginning of the school year will be on Monday, January 9. It will be closed for the 2nd week in the February school holidays depending on buildings and activities. »

In addition! He says what he wants cancel classes during these closing periods: “There will be very little on campus. And there will be fewer courses even at distance. Teachers, except in rare cases, will carry out their activities from their homes. »

But know that the University of Strasbourg is not the only university making such decisions…

University: radical decisions

Other universities across France have also made the decision reducing their electricity consumption to lower the score. For example, there are no longer courses in Lille, they are only distance learning. The goal is to lower heating costs.

Rwanda too the student’s internship period can be postponed. Hence, a strategy that will allow young people to stay off campus longer.

But the Snesup-FSU educational union is increasingly criticized: We cannot accept that students are banned from the campus… In the middle of winter, their living conditions are not good and often dramatic.”

Pascal Maillard, manager of Snesup-FSU in Strasbourg, said. He said that he is in favor of reducing the energy costs of universities. According to him, it is necessary to “reduce heating in large spaces and corridors”.

And that’s not all! Snesup-FSU is also bad low quality learning. Because without young people, it becomes difficult to monitor and control them.

Even young people are afraid of it. This is why there are associations criticizing the return of the video. He had bad reputation during a health crisis.

Then the question arises, what can be done to reduce the additional costs of 2 and 7 million euros for energy this year?

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