College of Millau: the main target shall be on the well-being of scholars

300 young people studying higher education are welcomed in Millau during the month.

IWe must be able to offer a pleasant environment for our students. Séverine Peyretout, authorized consultant for higher education in the Millau Grands Causses community, understands this well. In a small area like Millavois, to be attractive, you have to cherish the student enrollment.

For this, he and his team are trying to develop the existing offer. The latest event, setting up two free activities every month. “We have received approval from Crous, which is favorable to this project.”Says Séverine Peyretout. Therefore, conferences, sports and cultural excursions will be offered to students in the city.

Likewise, the elected representative wants to highlight the Crous residence in the city of gloves. “They are not well known, I am still asked about what we can offer students in terms of accommodation when we have private residences,” he specifies. 24 apartments are located on the Rue du Jumel, in buildings adjacent to the Hôtel-Dieu, with rents between €320 and €350. “Furthermore, they are rarely completed”adds Élodie Alinat, higher education project manager for the commune community.

With three full classes of 70 students each, training in the Nursing Institute (Ifsi) continues to be the most popular at Millau. In addition, the Jean-Vigo lycée offers two BTSs in accounting and business administration, which accommodate approximately thirty students. “We also have around fifteen students at CCI, ten students at the Closed Campus and seven students currently studying for the Bachelor 3 course in tourism and outdoor sports project management”Elodie Alinat says.

By integrating with BPJEPS, National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Cnam) cadets or even nursing assistant training, the total number of about 300 students reaches 500. Although the courses constitute an apprenticeship after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, they are not officially considered part of higher education.

Regarding student uncertainty issues, the elected representative would like to introduce certain discounts offered to Millawois. “Subscription to city buses is free of charge, discounted rates are determined with swimming pool, cinema, etc.” Also a Facebook and Instagram page for this new school year Millau student opened for the purpose of transmitting various information such as job offers or accommodation for students. The next goal is to conclude contracts with traders “make interesting offers”.

September 20 is integration day

Sometimes an afternoon integration into the first years of training given at Millau will be offered to encourage unity among the different students of the city, which are scattered among several sites. “It’s part of the goal of creating student spirit.”, adds Elodie Alinat. To do this, gather on September 20 at 14:00 at the base of Roc et Canyon for a discovery rally that leads to several places in the city. Then, head to the museum to explore the space before joining its terrace, where attendees will be offered a buffet spun by a local DJ. The most revelers will then be invited to Okfey to end the night in style. “It’s open to all students in the city, we’re hoping for 150 people to attend.”Says Séverine Peyretout.

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