College of Lome: A pillar of innovation and know-how in development

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Work on the establishment of the Center for University Innovation and Technology (PUIT) was launched at the University of Lome (UL) on Wednesday. The first step was given by the Minister of Higher Education and Research, His Excellency Professor Ihou Wateba and his counterpart, Professor Komla Dodzi Kokoroko, in-charge of Primary, Secondary, Technical and Vocational Education, in addition to the President of UL.

The construction project of PUIT was initiated to compensate for the lack of infrastructure adapted to the rapid technological evolution and major achievements of recent years within the educational structures. This hinders the ability to offer quality education in Togo.

The creation of the pole is carried out under Axis 1, Title 2, Project 10 of the government’s road map. It is involved in improving the quality of education through the development and implementation of a plan to improve the content of education, the training of teachers, recruitment and improvement of the provision of equipment. PUIT is also part of Axis 3, Title 8, Reform 4 of strengthening support mechanisms for VSMEs.

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The total value of the works is estimated at 1,560,662 USD. UNDP is providing USD 1,340,662 for this project, and the University of Lomé is providing USD 220,000. Ultimately, this will provide a solution to the infrastructure deficit. The University Innovation and Technology Center will also promote the employment of young Togolese in the country’s economy and respond to national and sub-regional needs.

Ambitions of the University of Lome with PUIT

PUIT is part of a number of initiatives within the University of Lome, such as the Polytechnic School of Lome (EPL).

the president ofUniversity of LomeDodzi Kokoroko emphasized that this partnership allows us to avoid “being a hostage, victim and prisoner of a university that prepares today and tomorrow for yesterday’s business”.

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The Innovation and Technology Pole of the University of Lome has been entrusted with several missions. These include supporting young entrepreneurs facing technical difficulties by putting their university experience at the service of entrepreneurship and economic development; promote research as a means of problem solving; raise awareness, encourage and support student entrepreneurship; stimulate and promote business creation by promoting research results.

UL also intends to contribute to the production, development and marketing of goods or services in economic, scientific, technological and cultural fields. It is also about developing partnerships with the business world through training, innovative research and spreading an entrepreneurial culture; contribute to the conclusion and development of contracts between public bodies, institutions or private companies, where the skills and resources of the university will be mobilized.

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