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Charles III: this household custom was damaged on the age of seven

The new monarch, Charles III, has not yet had time to show how he intends to leave his mark on British history. A modern king or more traditional, the mystery remains. What is certain is that he was a forerunner in many fields and that he was able to benefit from a more modern education than his ancestors, as has been said Le Figaro.fr September 10.

A king like no other. Charles III’s reign has now been declared completely separate from that of his mother Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, 2022, thus bequeathing the crown to him. | More ▼ emotional, more sensitive, more ecological, there is no shortage of qualifications to describe what Charles’s version of the monarchy might be, who has been waiting for 73 years before ascending the throne, a record. Another difference: King Charles III is a baby boomer, with a much more modern education than their ancestors. As the story goes Le Figaro.frWilliam and Harry’s father was not, unlike his mother, home-schooled.

In 1958, the son of the Queen of England broke with a tradition that was nevertheless well-established among the Windsors: He goes to school. Prince Charles goes every morning at Hill House School in London, then at Cheam School in Berkshire. Her mother was always homeschooled. through famous teachers. The prince would not have the chance to learn fireside lessons in the cozy living rooms of Buckingham: his parents sent him to boarding school when he was just 13 years old. Legend has it that her father, the Duke of Edinburgh, made this decision by choosing a rather rigid Scottish boarding school: Gordonstoun School, where he himself was a student. King Charles will not retain good memories of this establishment, designed to harden his dreamy nature and his passions, considered too romantic, such as literature for example. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, Charles entered Trinity College, Cambridge : he studied history, archeology or even anthropology there, but mostly he didn’t go through the ‘British Armed Forces’ box like the other men in his family before him. In 1975 she received an MA from Cambridge, the first in the royal family.

⋙ PHOTOS – Tribute to Elizabeth II: William, Harry and Charles III united in pain

Memorial at Balmoral to Elizabeth II

If he shook some traditions, Charles III still intended to extend his mother’s legacy and honor her as best he could. Balmoral Castle, where the Queen died, now belongs to her and the King will obviously keep it. But he can make some changes to the property: according to the revelations of DailyMailas of sunday 18 september, elizabeth ii’s eldest son and the prince are considering turning the estate into a museum dedicated to memory from the first. A source close to the kingdom, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the British newspaper: “given number of properties and the number of working royals, the king will look at each asset and ask:What value does it provide to society?‘.“An engine project, but one that could take a long time for the new monarch.

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