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Calais: Top off on suggestions and tips for Reuse and Restore Day!

Stop wasting! Haro is in the waste! This Saturday, the Canal is hosting the seventh Reuse and Repair Day offered by SEVADEC with an expanded program.

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Why a day of reuse and repair?

Did you know ? The territory of SEVADEK (1), uniting the three inter-municipalities of Kalesi, generates a lot of waste: 51.41 kg of packaging per inhabitant per year, 257.1 kg of residual municipal waste, 114 kg of bio-waste (food trimmings, small plants), 42.57 kg glass only 465 kg of waste per year per inhabitant
excluding waste disposal and 643 kg all inclusive. In short, as Kelly O’Neill, Head of Animation at SEVADEC, says: There is work! ” per avoid losses and save money. “
There is a planet next to the wallet that needs to be saved
”, says Mark Butroy, Vice President of Communications at SEVADEC.


Philosophy of the Day: First of all, have fun

Not a question of moralizing! The SEVADEC approach is intended fun and very practical. ” We’re on tips and tricks to reduce your waste with territory actors “, adds Kelly O’Neill. The event is designed for the whole family thanks to numerous workshops and an art program: this year after two years of absence so due to Covid the event is back with an extended program. A task : accept at least 2500 people per day, at least as many as in 2019 for this seventh edition. Therefore, the appointment is set for Saturday, September 24, from 10:00 to 18:00, still on the Channel.


Thirty exhibitors

Independent creators, social and solidarity economy companies, associations: about thirty exhibitors are present. On this occasion, the great hall of the English Channel will turn into rooms of the house, with tips for each room (soap instead of shower gel in the bathroom…). Among the exhibitors, Note Bleue will take over the Channel Bazaar, this Rumingham association is very committed to restoration; Jeanne’s shop, located in the Sangatte social center, is 100% free, can pick up your clothes; Espace Fort’s toy library will be promoting shareable board games, not individual games… Let’s also mention the services of Ressourcerie, B comme Nature, Opale Vélo… Nothing but local players. ” Participatory workshops will be offered to the general public to encourage people to embark on a circular economy that aims to conserve resources. “says Kelly O’Neill. About thirty SEVADEC agents will be mobilized.


Toys to win!

Children also suffer. The place will be dedicated to the donation of toys, collected by agents in recycling centers SEVADEK company. There are 300! Children can win these toys by taking part in a treasure hunt created by Tanguy from the entertainment department: There will be thematic quizzes on recycling, zero waste, circular economy through smartphones. “, – says Kelly O’Neill. This activity is available from 3 years old. Children will also get to know the mass with bulk monoblock (free!).


Rich art program

In attendance will be: the Pourkoapas company of Bourg-en-Bresse with their huge musical instruments made from recycled materials; Detroit High School fashion departmentwho will present their creations around the waste; the Lille company Métalu in Chahuter with a sound installation based on recycled products that you can try; pedal karting, where you will learn to sort by collecting waste thanks to the Nature Prote 62 association; Berckois Macadane, which comes with its caravan of curiosities: here again we are talking about recycling. A day is not enough to see everything!

(1) Calesis Waste Recycling and Recovery Syndicate.

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