Assembly with college rectors, Sylvie Retailleau determines the priorities of her actions

Accept the “updated method”. This is the ambition of Sylvie Retailleau, the Minister of Higher Education and Research, who spoke to university rectors on August 25 at the evening of the summer university organized by French universities.

The minister particularly wants to prioritize multi-year planning. “I deeply believe that only a long-term view can truly make senseto understand and take full ownership of the projects being implemented, while making all actors more accountable,” he said.

President: why French Universities want to increase the ESR budget

He wants to emphasize the autonomy of universities as a priority. In this sense, the minister announced the first multi-year goals and means agreements for 2023. “This renewed and strengthened confidence in all actors should not be the result of the ministry investing in monitoring, but rather the result of streamlining the funding, guidance and evaluation processes,” the minister assured.

To implement these agreements, the minister hopes to increase the ESR budget, which are the first elements of PLF 2023. An increase of 1.5 billion euros and should reach 90.8 billion euros by 2023.. The National Education budget should also be increased: the project envisages a budget of 60.2 billion euros, or 3.6 billion more than in 2022.

The minister also touched on the multiannual research programming law (LPR) and especially its simplification, which is another important topic for ESR. He also mentioned the upcoming publication of “the first texts simplifying some objects of this law”. […] It will be commissioned in 2023.”

This simplification applies to several aspects and in particular The process of “repyramidization” that allows the transition from the teacher status to the university professor status provided by the LPR. and RIPEC is a compensation scheme for teaching and research staff Allocation of CPJs, junior professors’ chairs established by the research programming law – a new method of recruitment that provides access to permanent employment in the body of university professors and assimilated or research directors.

Especially the European axis will be a priority Strengthening European Unions. The government will “continue to support universities in their alliance strategies by strengthening the articulation of research and innovation policies and expanding all forms of innovative cooperation,” assured Sylvie Retailleau.

Sylvie Retailleau: “Student living conditions and equal success are my priorities”

Since the beginning of his mandate, the minister also insists on the decisive place that should be given back to students in government policy. The first period will be a “priority”, especially support for orientation from the secondary school. Therefore, the Ministry of Higher Education should closely cooperate with the Ministry of National Education and Youth, especially regarding the development of Parcoursup.

Student life and the fight against uncertainty will also form the basis of government projects. Success also depends on social policy and student support, the threat of some of which has been highlighted and intensified by the health crisis.

The minister confirmed the desire to “take the most care of students” and mentioned the measures implemented for the start of the 2022 academic year. Emergency response measures to be complemented by wider reflection.

Therefore, consultations on student life with actors of territories, institutions and students will begin in October. It will address the important issue of merit-based scholarships, but also social assistance, health with a focus on students’ mental health, housing, combating sexism and sexual violence, public catering, access to sports and culture.

Finally, environmental transition should be an important part of the training and practices of enterprises. “Urgent action is needed,” beat Sylvie Retailleau “raise awareness and train students in the green jobs of tomorrow“. Thus, based on the report of Jean Jouzel, a symposium will be organized to determine the actions to be initiated in the field of training. It will be held on October 20 and 21, 2022 at the University of Bordeaux.

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